Flash Technology Comes to Weather, Worldwide Travel Now Just a Click Away
The OneTouchWeather Worldmap Enables Instant Access to--and Information About--Virtually Any Location on the Globe. Enjoy the Ride.
(prHWY.com) March 16, 2010 - Collegeville, PA -- With the introduction of OneTouchWeather, finding local, national and international weather and travel information becomes a pleasure instead of a chore. OneTouchWeather has done all the research for inquisitive vacationers and business travelers who value their time--putting everything they're looking for at their fingertips in one place.

To obtain weather forecasts, users simply click the map icon and an interactive world flashmap opens, enabling instant access to every continent and country in the world. The flashmap also includes each of the United States plus Canadian provinces and all the islands.

Additional conveniences include an World Timezone map with sunclock, showing daylight savings and standard time for all time zones and major cities. Any city or town in the world can be entered in the map for complete information. OpenStreetMap, another fun-to-use interactive map, lets users drill all the way down from a world view to their local roads, anywhere in the world. Every country, state and province also has a Wikipedia link, as well as a handy Celsius to Fahrenheit Temperature Conversion Chart.

Relevant travel information is easy to find. Links to government resources include tips for traveling abroad, international travel information, passport and visa requirements, country-specific information, and more. Bookings for flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages--everything is on the OneTouchWeather home page.

What about mobile devices? Laptops and netbooks can access the full functionality in OneTouchWeather just like desktops, but mobile phones are not yet flash-enabled. However, any phone with zoom capability for the browser screen can easily and quickly get the weather from anywhere. Simply scroll down, click on the Site Map, and an index of 300 countries, states, provinces and islands allows instant access to any weather page.

In the next few weeks, OneTouchWeather will release an optimized version for mobile users. In addition, Adobe recently announced that its new Flash Player for mobile, currently in beta testing, will be released later this year. Finally, after years of anticipation, virtually every mobile operating system, except Apple, will be able to play interactive flash applications.

And what about Apple? Good news here, too. Adobe's soon-to-be-released Flash CS5 will allow iPhone App developers to convert their Apps to run flash from inside their application.

The best news? OneTouchWeather is here now.


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