Consumers Can Go Green for St. Patrick's Day with a Renewable Energy Plan from
Those looking to lower their environmental impact can shop green energy options at WhiteFence, the nation's leading site to compare and order home services.
( March 16, 2010 - Houston, TX -- As St. Patrick's Day approaches, millions of Americans are getting ready to go green to celebrate the holiday. Along with their decorations this year, people can take the green theme a little further when they switch to a renewable energy product to power their home. While various clean energy options are now available across the country, many people aren't aware they have the power to switch to a renewable source. With WhiteFence, consumers can easily discover, compare and order green electricity plans.

Along with reducing energy use, switching to clean electricity is one of the most effective ways to cut a household's carbon emissions. While it was once almost impossible to power a home on renewable energy, recent years have seen an explosion of green options emerging on the market. Consumers can now find electricity for their home that has been generated using wind, solar, geothermal and other environmentally friendly sources.

Consumers looking to go green need only to visit, select the electricity option and enter their address to get started. WhiteFence will then search all of the top electricity companies and provide the consumer with a list of what plans are available at their location. They can then review the results to see which renewable energy products are available to them. Once they have made their selection, consumers can then order their new electricity plan directly through WhiteFence without ever picking up a phone. Those that find there are no green options in their area, or those looking to go even further with their green makeover, can find lots of easy ways to make their house more eco-friendly at the WhiteFence blog.

WhiteFence's mission is to connect Americans with the best home services on the market, and is the nation's leading resource to discover, compare and order all kinds of electricity service. When consumers use the free service, they can find out what green energy options are available to them in just seconds. With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time for people to go green with WhiteFence.

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