Botox: What You Should Know Before Getting it Done
A small look into what Botox is and how it fits into the medical world.
( July 3, 2012 - Chandler, AZ -- Botox is one of those topics that everyone seems to have an opinion on. Whether their opinion is good or bad is another topic entirely but you can't deny that Botox is a topic of great debate. Botox itself has been around since the early 80's but wasn't approved by the FDA until almost the 90's. Before Botox was used as a medical agent it was actually discovered as a toxin and could cause severe damage if a person injected a large dose of it. Luck for us that toxin was later found to have very positive effects when used by professional in small amounts.

Botox simply put is a muscle relaxant which causes the injected muscle to cease to contract. This is extremely useful for both medical as well as cosmetic needs. Medically speaking Botox has been approved by the FDA to treat chronic migraines, lazy eye, neck pains, twitching, and underarm sweating. Cosmetically Botox is used to decrease wrinkles throughout the face.

Over all Botox is more widely known for its cosmetic benefits and is one of the most widely used injections of its kind. The main areas of injection include between the eyebrows, forehead, around the eyes, nose, chin, and fine lines around the lips. Some areas around the mouth are avoided because of the effect that they have on the talking and eating process.

The way that Botox works to decrease wrinkles is that when it is injected into a specific muscle it causes that muscle to relax and the wrinkle is essentially smoothed away. You may begin to see results the day of the procedure but for the full effects to be seen you may need to wait about a week. Most people do not require a numbing agent for the injection of Botox but most doctors will offer that upon request. The whole process usually only lasts 10-15 minutes and you shouldn't have to worry about much down time after the injection. Contrary to popular belief Botox is not a permanent procedure and needs to be injected about every three to six months depending on the patient.

Botox may be a controversial topic and some people may not like the idea of something so cosmetic, but one thing that no one can deny is that some of the results of Botox patients are absolutely amazing and some of the medical Botox results give many people the relief they can't get anywhere else.

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