Solar Panel Incentive Reduction Implemented
Although, the UK government was not favoured by the court for the third time on solar panel incentive reduction due to an irregularity in the notice procedure
( May 2, 2012 - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom -- Hertfordshire, UK - Although, the UK government was not favoured by the court for the third time on solar panel incentive reduction due to an irregularity in the notice procedure, it came back with the implementation of the decrease in the incentive or feed-in tariff but this time the required period for the notice was complied. With the proposal made by the UK government on the matter, it is apparent that further reduction will happen for households and establishments who will opt to install solar panels beyond April 30, 2012. In view of the proposal, households and businesses are now looking into installing solar panels into their houses and buildings before the 30th of April 2012 in order for them to be able to still gain the present higher rate. For high quality and affordable solar panels, the UK community is rushing to Aston Energy Solutions, Ltd.

The Supreme Court declared last March that the act made by the UK government by decreasing the feed-in tariff on homes and establishments with installed solar panels by 50% is unlawful. The illegality arose when the notice was made only six weeks before the date the reduction should take place. With the judgment of the Supreme Court, the rate for the tariff or solar panel incentive is restored to 43p/kWh of energy generated. However, after the notice requirement was complied, the rate was reduced to 21p/kWh last April 1, 2012. Likewise, another decrease in the rate of the feed-in tariff is being considered for those who install solar panels after April 30, 2012. Those who want to receive the 21p/kWh tariff rate went to Aston Energy Solutions Ltd. for more efficient solar panel products.

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