Oscar Night's Biggest Fashion Felonies Announced by International Twin Fashion Stylists
Identical Twin Fashion Stylists Ruth and Sara Levy, creators of "The Fashion Code," the timeless secret to discovering the perfect outfit, declare top 5 Hollywood fashion offenders on the Oscar Red Carpet, along with the 5 Best Dressed.
(prHWY.com) March 8, 2010 - Hollywood, CA -- Vera Farmiga's ruffles, Sarah Jessica Parker's baggy green sack dress, and Zoe Saldana's frenzied flamenco-like flounces were among the "unspeakable fashion crimes" detected on the Oscar red carpet Sunday night by international fashion stylists and identical twin sisters Ruth and Sara Levy.

"After witnessing these heinous red carpet offenses, we're appointing ourselves the Oscar fashion police and are issuing citations!" declared Ruth Levy, a former European fashion designer who spent ten years creating The Fashion Code, a timeless concept for dressing beautifully, with her identical twin sister Sara.

"Let's be honest --with the bevy of fashion stylists and designers (not to mention the avalanches of gorgeous clothes and jewelry) literally thrown at these stars, there is absolutely no excuse for not looking like a million bucks on the red carpet. Some of these stars are getting bad advice from Hollywood fashionistas and trendy stylists," said Sara. "The dresses are wrong for their bodies, and they don't obey some very basic fashion laws of the land."

The twin stylists have appeared on TV's "Rachael Ray" show, and provide fashion styling and consulting for a wide variety of clients in the U.S. and Europe. Their fashion formula for creating the perfect outfit is based on the timeless beauty secret of the Divine Proportion or Golden Ratio, and is available to individuals on their website, TheFashionCode.com.

According to the Twins, the top five "Fashion Felonies" of the night are:

#1: "Zoe Saldana obviously hit a fashion roadblock on her way to the Oscars, so we're throwing the book at her! Maybe she was trying to hide her Avatar tail with her shocking frock, but it looked to us like she was dressing under the influence."

#2: "Penelope Cruz looked like she spent the night in the slammer and her dress came out a wrinkled, twisted mess. In our opinion, her curvy figure is perfect for a slim-fitting V-neck gown." One of the Twins' fashion mantras is that extra fabric equals extra girth and here is a perfect example. "All that extra pleated taffeta overwhelmed her beautiful figure", notes Ruth.

#3: "Beware of trends is another one of the Fashion Code's popular mantras. Vera Farmiga had more ruffles than a bag of potato chips. We know ruffles are "in" but you don't need to finish the whole bag.

#4: "Diane Kruger... pleating and beading and ruching, oh my! We're giving her a warning for excessive use of embellishments. It's nice to have interest in your outfit but for this fringe binge we'll have to throw the book at her."

#5: "Sara Jessica Parker should have a permit to dress like that. The color was inspired by a sickly garden leaf and the fungal flowers made us want to get out the bug spray."

The Twin's top five "Winners of the Evening" are:

#1: "Sandra Bullock: Oscar's Best Actress winner was obviously not "Blind-Sided" by some trendy Hollywood stylist, and chose a classic beaded gown that flattered every inch of her."

#2: "Cameron Diaz has certainly changed lanes this year. She obviously 'just said no' to the excessive and trendy use of fabric and ruffles we saw tonight and looked like the true Hollywood Star that she is."

#3: "Queen Latifah gets a lifetime of "get out of jail free" cards for her gorgeous gown. Unlike some of the fashion outlaws of the evening, her satin dress was simple with the perfect amount of well positioned bling. You go girl!"

#4: Gabourey Sidibe - "The Best Actress nominee had a tough figure and pulled it off beautifully. Her tasteful blue beaded dress was as "Precious" as her amazing on-screen performance."

#5: "Oprah Winfrey was not only well spoken, but well-dressed. She looked streamlined and elegant in her midnight blue dress. The deep v-neck was figure flattering and her straight skirt followed the line of her body perfectly- no extra fabric or draping around her middle to make her look hippy. She made us want to pull her over and commend her great look."

The Twin's also added, "Notice our last 3 picks for best dressed were full figured gals, which just goes to show you you don't have to be model thin to dress great - you just need to know the fashion rules of the road."

TheFashionCode.com has been applauded for it's dedication to eradicating fashion's myths and helping women dress for their unique bodies - rather than being a slave to unrealistic fashion trends. They are known for their eye opening use of before and after fashion photos which expose how women are being misled by the fashion industry on how to dress for their bodies, rather than a model's in a magazine. They can be contacted through their media site at media.thefashioncode.com


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