Work Comp Cases In New Orleans Handled By John Fox & Associates, LLC
In New Orleans, John Fox & Associates, LLC handles Work Comp Cases.
( April 7, 2012 - New Orleans, LA -- New Orleans, Louisiana, 7th , April 2012 _ In New Orleans, John Fox & Associates, LLC handles Work Comp Cases.

John Fox & Associates lawyers have years of experience and good knowledge of workers' comp law. They provide highly-qualified, experienced legal representation in workers' compensation and personal injury claims and handle all state workers' comp claims for which Louisiana courts have jurisdiction. These include claims where the injury occurred in Louisiana or where the injury occurred in another state but the employee was hired In Louisiana.

John Fox & Associates experienced workers' comp attorney will properly evaluate the settlement potential and advise their client's rights and options. In many cases, the insurance company will offer settlement when the worker's case is not ready to settle. Even if the case is ripe for settlement,

John Fox & Associates, LLC helps people recover compensation for different workplace injuries like:

* Construction accidents, including scaffolding collapses, falls and injuries caused by heavy equipment
* Head injuries and spinal cord injuries
* Shoulder injuries and rotator cuff damage
* Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries
* Back injuries
* Herniated discs
* Broken bones
* Meniscus tears and other knee injuries
* Complex regional pain syndrome
* Exposure to toxic substances, including chemicals & mold
* Hearing loss
* Black lung disease

About John Fox & Associates, LLC:

Mr. Fox has been practicing law for 36 years and workers' compensation law for over 20 years. His practice consists of approximately 95% workers' compensation cases. He is a New Orleans native and attended Princeton University '70 and Tulane Law School '75. He has been a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association since 1975. Mr. Fox have an absolute dedication to personal service, In-depth experience in diverse areas of practice. They have thorough understanding of the legal issues that affect clients' compensation in New Orleans.

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