Job seekers find employment within 60 days
We are a new company online, and have had great success in helping job seekers find the position they are looking for. With the most up to date information from HR Managers, and a dedicated staff who have a passion for helping others,we make it work.
( October 23, 2010 - Los Angeles, CA -- is a new company in the job coaching field that is in many ways altogether different than any other you have seen. Composed of dedicated professional and based on Christian principles, the passion of our people in helping others through the myriad paths of finding employment.

Using the most up to date information available, our professionals will take the client through Career Goal Mapping, Resume and Cover Letter review, Interview Preparation, proper Networking, along with other assistance of client needs. The program starts with a seminar that covers all the basics then each client is assisted on a one-by-one basis for as long as it may take to find desired employment. The client can talk to a job coach online everyday if needed, and it is our goal to assist each client in finding the position he is looking for within 60 days.

Total cost for the program is less than all other sites cost for just writing the resume.


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