Gyantra, Inc INTRODUCES Goodfinda, a personal shopping cart that organizes shopping, automatically finds deals and keeps track
Goodfinda makes online shopping super easy and fun by organizing online shopping and automatically finding best deals from thousands of merchants on everything you want to buy.
( November 29, 2011 - Naperville, IL -- Gyantra Inc, a leading app developer, announced its latest product Goodfinda, a Chrome addon and web app that makes shopping simple and fun by creating a personal shopping cart and automatically finding best deals on items in the cart. Unlike typical comparison shopping sites which require user to visit the site and show dozens of results for every search, Goodfinda shows best deals only on the item the user wants to buy saving a lot of time and hassle. It is free and available to online shoppers in the US from Chrome App store and

Goodfinda is a personal shopping cart that stays with the user, not a merchant. The user can add any product to the personal shopping cart and Goodfinda will automatically find best deals on every item added to the cart. Users will love the way items are visually displayed in the cart as Post-It stickies. User can rearrange items by dragging and dropping the stickies. Buying items is a snap - buy a single item by clicking on 'Buy It" button on the sticky or drop multiple stickies in the checkout cart to buy multiple items. User completes the purchase on the merchant site.

Goodfinda is superior to comparison shopping sites and bookmarks. If a user is looking to buy iPad2 16 GB Wifi model, the comparison shopping site will show price of all iPad models and accessories as it uses keyword matching find items. Goodfinda uses a patent pending technology that extracts product code form keywords and shows only the best deal on the specific iPad model. The focused result saves users a lot of time and hassle, as they don't need to crawl through multiple pages of search result, as with a comparison shopping site, to find the best deals. Users can search for and buy one item at a time on comparison shopping sites but Goodfinda automatically finds best deals on all items in the cart. Goodfinda saves items and organizes them in a visually appealing display that is easy to rearrange and search, unlike a bookmark that just saves a link or a page and user needs to remember which link or page to open for each item.

"The typical online shopper loves deals and buys over $1000 worth of stuff every year. With an explosion in number of merchants, deals and offers, users are finding it hard to search for best deals. Our users have been asking us for an easy to use software that takes the pain out of shopping by automatically finding best deals and helping them organize their purchases" said Kanth Miriyala, CEO and co-Founder of Gyantra. "the comparison shopping sites are making it harder for shoppers to find deals, not easier, by including all sorts of irrelevant results. We anticipate that this product will provide outstanding user experience and will fill a big void in online shopping space"

Goodfinda is a Chrome addon with a companion web app with drag and drop features to make shopping simple and fun. Users no longer need to visits comparison shopping sites to find best deals.

About Goodfinda :-

Goodfinda is a personal shopping cart that organizes online shopping and automatically finds best deals on everything a user wants to buy. Goodfinda makes online shopping fun and easy :-

* Add items to your personal shopping cart that stays with you, not merchant
* Automatically find best deals on items you are looking to buy
* Organize your shopping by keeping track of things you want to buy
* Easily find what you have bought and from where to help manage returns and warranty

About Gyantra, Inc :-

Gyantra is a software developer focused on making online shopping simple and fun. The company, headquartered in Naperville, IL, develops applications that make it easy for users to take charge of their online shopping and save time and money.
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