Picking the Right Personal Statement Helps Many Students Escape Recession
Many institutions of higher learning are becoming more competitive because of the increased amount of applicants.
(prHWY.com) November 1, 2011 - Milpitas, CO -- (Milpitas, CA, 10/29/11) - More and more people are going back to school, whether it is college, medical school, law school, graduate school or any other higher education program, because they want to become more employable once the recession ends. Others are just looking for a place to park themselves while waiting for the recession to be over. Usually further education is a great solution for current unemployment because it not only builds your human capital while the job market is soft, you are also more employable once you complete your course. Also you are waiting for the recession to end and the employment picture to recover.

High demand for educational programs

Regardless of an applicant's motivation, educational programs are becoming increasingly competitive. While lower ranked and less prestigious institutions would face a very light competition because they would admit almost anybody, more competitive programs and institutions routinely see their slots apply to by many people. There are more applicants per open admission slot. This has really turned up the competitive heat for applicants.

Crafting the right personal statement essay

A personal statement essay is just one of three tools used by the admissions committee to select among applicants. These tools are grade point average in high school or college, the aptitude test score and the personal statement essay. Unlike test scores and grades, personal statement essays are more subjective. They summarize the intangibles that make a person worthy of admission. It highlights their potential, their aspirations and the value that they bring to the table. Many students make the mistake of disregarding the personal statement and of those that actually bother putting in the time to do it, do it wrong.

"Sadly, many students just waste the opportunity of turning the personal statement into a powerful admissions weapon that can help them decimate their competition," said Tyrus Millington, media relations officer for essayadmissions.com, the internet's leading free source of sample personal statement examples, writing guides and other free admission essay resources. "Think about it, the personal statement is your chance to create a paper "interview' with the admissions committee. It is your chance to get their ear--don't waste it," said Millington. The most common ways a student misuse this essay is to simply write out their resume, focus too much on emotions and most dramatically plagiarize existing sources on the internet. Essayadmissions.com has released a free resource located at http://www.essayadmissions.com/essay-writing-tips/being-confident-in-your-personal-statement that helps applicants gain confidence in their essay. These resource sets up the building blocks of a solid personal statement essay. It involves looking at personal statement examples and other existing essays and using analytical techniques to craft to original essay based on the applicant's personal biographical information.

"Writing a personal statement does not have to be an exercise in futility nor does it mean having to reinvent the wheel. Draw inspiration from the work of others to organize your own winning essay," said Millington.

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