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VPS hosting from InterServer is very cheap with prices starting from $6.00 per month for Linux VPS on the openVz platform and $22 per month for windows on the KVM/XEN platform.
( November 1, 2011 - Secaucus, NJ -- New Jersey, USA - InterServer is a premier and reliable web hosting provider in New Jersey. Many people have used InterServer VPS hosting for their quality services, reliable equipment, safe and secure data centers and high quality customer service. InterServer has two locations for VPS hosting such as Secaucus, NJ (east coast) and they are Los Angeles, CA (west coast). VPS hosting in California is having TEST IP: InterServer is also providing several options for upgrading California VPS.

There are many advantages of using LA VPS hosting than shared hosting. They are when you have your own virtual private server you'll be in complete control of things like what software gets installed, what ports are closed or open, and when the server is rebooted. As a VPS client you'll be given root access to your part of the server which gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. As a VPS client you'll be given dedicated resources and will never be affected by anyone sharing the same server.

You will be in complete control of how you use and manage the CPU, memory and space included in your VPS plan. Because VPS accounts are insulated from each other and act as though they are true dedicated servers, your risk of being hacked or infected with a virus intended for someone else is greatly minimized. No customer can affect or crash other customers on the same server, even when customers have administrative access.

Each VPS is completely customizable to whatever specifications you may require. You'll be in complete control of what operating system is installed, which control panel is used, how much memory is available, the size of your hard drive, and what applications are installed. With Los Angeles VPS hosting, you'll be managing your own firewall and can customize it as you like. This gives you greater flexibility in choosing what software to install and how to deal with things like SPAM. VPS is endlessly scalable.

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