Prudential Trend Joins Real Estate Investing Comapny Own America
"Investor Knowledge Center" Assists Residential Real Estate Investors with Strategic Investment Tips, Tools, Certification Program.
( September 15, 2011 - Irving, TX -- Prudential Trend, based in Gainesville, announced today that it has joined OwnAmerica, a national web-based, resource and training organization for real estate investors and investment advisors. The affiliation allows Prudential Trend to provide analysis tools, tutorials and a video series to clients during one of the biggest real estate investment booms in history.

Using the Investor Knowledge Center on Prudential Trend's website, real estate investors can learn about the technicalities of real estate investing and how to best capitalize on the struggling housing market's tidal wave of foreclosures, REO deals and quality real estate assets at rock-bottom prices. The Investor Knowledge Center guides new real estate investors down the right path of real estate investment and streamlines the process for more seasoned investors within the real estate investing industry niche.

"The market is great for investors, but investing in real estate is quite different than traditional home buying and selling," explains Anthony Miller, Manager at Prudential Trend. "It's a more complex process requiring additional levels of expertise. The Investor Knowledge Center provides the resources to make investing in real estate simple and profitable."

In addition, Prudential Trend is implementing a training and certification program for the company's sales associates called OICP (OwnAmerica Investment Certification Program). This training course will elevate the knowledge and skill level of the company's salesforce for servicing investors in today's environment.

The OICP and Investor Knowledge Center - educational real estate investment outlets - were created by Greg Rand, a twenty-year real estate industry veteran and author of the book Crash Boom!, to enable a new generation of real estate investors to build wealth when the housing recession comes to a close by investing in real estate.

"We've seen too many people giving bad advice about 'getting rich quick' in real estate. In truth, real estate is a long-term, wealth building asset. It works when you do it right. We want to show our clients how to do it right," says Rand, CEO of OwnAmerica and host of 77WABC's "Rand on Real Estate".


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