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The following press release is written for an online company offering devices and lifts for the elderly and disabled at competitive prices.
( March 29, 2013 - Simi Valley, NC -- Many elderly people would like to spend their lives in their own home. As people age, they lose physical and mental function, and it can be very difficult to perform daily activities. However, for all those adults who choose to remain in their homes, there are many new devices which have been invented to assist with daily activity, with the aim to keep the adults in their homes.

If you are looking to buy a 'solution' for a specific challenge for an elderly or disabled person, 'My Home For Life' is the online store with a wide array of products. All the equipment and devices displayed at our website have been reviewed and approved by our experienced staff.

Our store has been established with the aim to provide complete comfort to the elderly and disabled. Our devices can be utilized by them and make their life easier so that they can live happily. For all the people who find difficult to bathe, we offer a wide selection of bath lifts, including the AquaJoy Saver bath Lift which has some unique features.

The AquaJoy Saver Bath lift can hold up to 350 lbs. and does not recline. Moreover, it goes down to 2.7 inches and rises to 18.3 inches. It has side flaps which assist with transition. This product has a three year warranty. The one part that will eventually need to be replaced is the battery/ hand control.

As opposed to other bath lifts on the market, the replacement battery/hand control for the AquaJoy is priced well below $100. Apart from this, there are many other bath lifts which are available in different price range and features that can be bought according to individual needs. Feel free to call our experienced staff for expert advice.

Among the toilet lifts, Tush Push Toilet Lift is the one which has been rated on the top by the users. It is the only portable powered toilet lift available today that assist the user in getting on and off the toilet. You can buy it from 'My Home For Life' at reasonable prices.

This toilet lift can be powered by battery or electricity, and comes with one or two motors, based on the user's weight. This toilet lift is the best for all those who have lost their body strength. Besides these, there are many other products like Grab Bars, Shower Chairs, Personal Emergency Response Systems, Ramps, Seat Lifts and others available with our online credible store My Home for Life.

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