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(prHWY.com) March 29, 2013 - lismor, Australia -- Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition whose early practitioners' claims to profound powers were known from antiquity. The defining objectives of alchemy are varied; these include the creation of the fabled philosopher's stone possessing powers including the capability of turning base metals into the noble metalsgold or silver, as well as an elixir of life conferring youth and longevity. It was an ancient science, but is highly justified in today's world as well.

Immortality may still be a farfetched idea, but the formula to set back the ageing process has been handed to us from the ancient times! According to the ancient alchemical studies, monoatomic gold dramatically helps the body conduct the electricity of a spirit's life; this therefore enhances all spiritual activity. The entire function of the outer court of the temple (the body) of the Holy Spirit is to manifest the quality of life in our spirit into the earth realm.A clarity in mental capacities, and a more vivid perception in spirit realm can be seen. Pure emotions and lots of concentration are obtained while the rate of healing of spirit and heart is greatly enhanced. These are some of the aspects that delay the ageing process.

This solution comes through the concept of Ormus. ORMUS ATOMS or minerals are a chemically identified separate class of substances, just like the halogens or the metals, except that Ormus atoms do not find placement on the two-dimensional Periodic Table of the Elements.This material is found inside of every human being, animals, and plants and even inside soil! Ormus is linked to any metal that it unfolds into.

Thus when ORMUS unfolds into white gold, the best solution to anti-ageing is obtained! Ormus Gold rejuvenated the skin, frees it from the wrinkles, scars, injuries and the other signs of ageing.It hydrates the tissues and thus helps them function better.It increases tissue nourishment and eliminates pain, thus helping the user into a young and active life. Ageing affects the mental health of a person as well. Ormus Gold helps rejuvenate one's thoughts and the mental energies, thus increasing the intuition, memory and mental focus.

Thus Ormus comes across as the perfect solution for long life and smooth ageing!


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