Leading Car Manufacturer Company Creates Exclusive Car for Abu Dhabi - The Rolls Royce Phantom Abu Dhabi
Series of cars have been floated by the Company.
(prHWY.com) March 26, 2013 - -, Brazil -- Abu Dhabi - 26-03-2013 One of the leading car manufacturer companies in the world; the Rolls Royce has landed its exclusive product for Abu Dhabi; the Rolls Royce Phantom Abu Dhabi that is already making waves in the market.

Oil rich UAE is a super market for many manufacturers and especially the car companies. Demands for luxury cars in this part of the globe are huge and Abu Dhabi Rolls Royce Phantom is just an addition to the rank of already popular cars around.

Car designing experts feel that the design of the Abu Dhabi Rolls Royce is largely influenced by the Medieval Andalusia. In fact it was the centre of cultural exchanges between Christianity and Islam during the middle ages.

Series of cars have been floated by the Company. The series of cars that have been brought out by Rolls Royce Company is named as Rolls Royce Ghost Andalusia Motif. A unique thing about this care is that it will be available only with the local dealership duly authorized by the company. That perhaps prompted the name as Rolls Royce Abud Dhabi where the location name is mingled with the car type name.

Highly luxurious in nature, the cars are expensive but have become popular despite their high prices. Three of the cars were sold out even when they were under production. A recent review in the Gulf News that is Dubai based, each of the vehicles has a unique tread plate.

"Arabs have historically and culturally taken pride in their method of transport, which is why stallions, horses and camels remain a big part of Arab culture whether through racing or breeding," said Kadhim al-Helli, the brand manager of Rolls Royce in Abu Dhabi.

Overseas visitors to Abu Dhabi may look forward to Abu Dhabi Rolls Royce rentals that would give them a feel of luxury combined with exclusiveness. Good news for such people is that they may find one of the new models of Rolls Royce during their travel.

Considering the cumbersome process of building up a new Rolls Royce that takes nearly six month's time it can be safely concluded that the manufactures have done a great job. On the other hand luxury seekers will find the right avenue for satisfying tthier needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable company that offers Abu Dhabi Rolls Royce hire, then you have to be a little careful checking out the reliability of the provider company.

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