The Government is Committed to the Promotion of our People as a Fixed Population that Creates Jobs
Ensures Tourism Competitiveness Plan of peoples of black architecture "has contributed to local development" invites potential visitors to "know the most emblematic of Castilla-La Mancha during Holy Week"
( March 21, 2013 - madrid, Spain -- The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the regional government, Carmen Home, said today that "the promotion of tourism will be a major tool to keep people in rural areas of Castilla-La Mancha and thus contribute to both economic and employment of these municipalities. "

During a visit to the town and district of Tamajón Almiruete, known as the "gateway" of black architecture of Guadalajara, Casero praised "the development of Tourism Competitiveness Plan that has been done in the area for a greater local development, tourism's hand. "

In this regard, he recalled that the Government of Cospedal is making a firm commitment to tourism as a differentiator from other regions and generates employment. "The promotion of natural and cultural wealth of the municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha will originate cottages, hotels, restaurants and ultimately everything related to one of the four strategic sectors that are part of the Investment Plan and Employment Creation, along with trade, the development of infrastructure and agriculture. "

The Minister of Employment and Economy also recalled that "tourism is currently 12 percent of GDP in the region and generates more than 42,000 direct jobs." Therefore, he said that "it is the obligation of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha work towards its development."

So Home has referred to the lines of action being developed by the Government of Spain to promote tourism in the hinterland as seasonal alternative to "sun and beach". Therefore, it has invited "in the coming days of Holy Week are many visitors who come to Castilla-La Mancha to see our wealth of monuments, natural and gastronomic traditions."

Home has been accompanied by the president of the council of Guadalajara, Anna Guarino, the delegate of the Board in this province, José Luis County, and Mayor Tamajón, Eugenio Esteban de la Morena.

Guadalajara Fire

In another vein, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has also criticized "the attitude of the PSOE to fire victims of Guadalajara". Home has lamented the lost opportunity to "apologize" for what, in his opinion, "this will consume the betrayal that started too many years when families lost most importantly they had, which was the life of their loved ones. "

In his opinion, "once again shows that the PSOE has given back so much to the province of Guadalajara and the relatives of the victims." Thus, Home has opposed "the conduct of the government and the Law Cospedal unique case" with the Socialist Party, which has tabled amendments "not worth reading or commenting on the absurdity they pose."

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