BrainShakers Interactive: Is SEO The Final Step?
Getting clients on the first page of Google search results is the easiest step. What happens after the initial SEO thrust, however, is what separates Brainshakers Interactive from the rest of the field.
( March 21, 2013 - Ghaziabad, India -- Brainshakers Interactive, a full service internet marketing company, has introduced its Internet Profiling of Product and Personality service which provides company a glimpse into the behavioural pattern of its online customers.

"The unrestrained access into how customers behave when it comes to buying or searching for products online offers too much elbow room for companies to improve on their products and services to maximise revenues," said Mohit Goel, Business Head - Brainshakers Interactive.

Mohit added that any SEO company with the right knowledge can put its clients to the top of rankings in major search engines, the edge of Brainshakers, however, is the follow through, "because page rank is not the ultimate purpose of SEO."

Mohit compared the online retail market to grocery shelves. SEO tools will help companies set up the most appealing booths with the right packaging in order to attract consumers that enter the store. With all things equal, online marketing will give companies that extra edge to drive more visitor traffic to their sites.

"But getting traffic is only a fraction of the objective of SEO," BrainShakers Interactive believe. "Why should you pay for a service if you can't get any ROI? We are more focused on bringing up your conversion rate which translates to more revenues."

There are already millions and millions of websites on the Internet today with over 13 billion indexed pages, but Brainshakers is putting its reputation on the line when it promises to deliver first page rankings in major search engines to its clients. That promise is backed by its "money-back guarantee" program which speaks volume about its proficiency.

Mr. Mohit Goel said the most difficult part of the whole SEO process is how to ensure their clients stay at the top. But with their proven marketing strategies coupled with their expertise in search engine optimisation, Brainshakers is able to track rank in Google, count website impression, profile product and personality, promote brand image and eventually increase conversion.

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Under SEO, Brainshakers Interactive also specialises in link-building, social media optimisation, online reputation management. One of the strengths of the company is to offering its services in the most competitive of prices. Clients can also ask for a free analysis of their websites. You can contact the company through its India office at +91-9811679646 or email at


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