Cigniti Smart Tools-CIO Dashboards
Cigniti Smart Tools analyze, automate and accelerate QA efforts and ensure healthy ROI with improved resource and infrastructure utilization. These tools enrich business outcomes with speed, skill and accuracy and can be deployed across verticals.
( March 19, 2013 - Hyderabad, India -- Over the last decade, there has been a lot of transformation in the philosophy of testing as a whole new breed of tools has invaded the testing community. However, conventional tools still do not address gaps that are not big enough yet cannot be ignored. In addition to the gaps, we understand your requirements are unique but market tools provide generic solutions which need a lot of customization. Cigniti has built a set of tools to address these needs, gaps and challenges.

With over a decade of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, Cigniti has witnessed several redundancies and inefficiencies in test life cycle. Cigniti translated its experience & expertise into tools, point solutions and frameworks to jump start QA efforts & realize quicker ROI. Cigniti Smart Tools are cloud enabled with Pay As you Go Model service options.

Define business specific reports - Ensure Smart decisions

Tools built around Product Lifecycle Management and Application Lifecycle Management produce a lot of metrics and dashboards but fail to provide guidance. Wrong decisions leading to failures have pulled down brand, growth & business value. Insightful inferences & Decision Enablers with risk assessments have become crucial to CIO success / failure.

The Dashboards are designed to provide reports on Test phases in terms of Process Maturity which drives standardization & consistency across business units / projects. Release Sign-Off reports provide insightful information about current release and helps avoid surprises in production.The dashboards are equipped with adapters to leverage data from existing test management tools.

The dashboards report Return on Investment with score cards and visual indicators to drive quality with optimal expenditure. Equipped with adapters to leverage data from existing test management tools, the dashboards come with a built-in rule engine and key decision parameters to quantify the risk appetite

The deployment of CIO dashboards over the years has helped CIOs build consensus among the shareholders and stakeholders during critical decisions.


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