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It is advisable to book your tour beforehand and get discounted price tickets as per the availability and schedule.
( March 17, 2013 - San Jose, CA -- Cemetery tours New Orleans is becoming interestingly popular amongst many tourists who visit this city. Sometimes referred to as "city of the dead" St Louis Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries found in United States. It is approximately 200 years old and exhibits the burial ground for prominent residents such as Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.

Why Cemetery Tours New Orleans?

Most of us will be curious as to why cemetery tours in this town are recommended by people. The answer is simple and lies in the historic incidences that led to the formation and construction of this cemetery. The above ground tombs and burial system in New Orleans has definitely made a distinct mark in preserving the graves of deceased. Before this system came into place the graves were dug underground, but as the water table in New Orleans was high it resulted in watery graves thus leading to spread of epidemics and diseases. This system of burial was inspired from wall vault system which was practiced in Spain at that time.

In 1830's a series of vicious epidemics occurred in the city of New Orleans, for which the obnoxious flames emitted from corpses were responsible thus creating an unhygienic and intolerable state. The city council thus passed an order to perform burial above the ground.

Details of the Tour as a guidance for many

cemetery tours new orleans generally lasts up to 2 hours and is accompanied by trained and professional guides. There is no age limit and these tours can be attended by tourist of all ages. The site is handicapped accessible providing all the amenities to comfortably accommodate such visitors. Photography and Video is permitted thus allowing you to capture the structure of tombs and burial system. Along the tour the guide will explain the stories and legends of Laveau. The incidents and stories of other residents will also be explained while you pass every tomb and sections of the cemetery. Tourist will also learn about the New Orleans tomb system and practices that has influenced this city. Along your way you will be explained progression and evolution of Voodoo, which is still practiced in many areas of Crescent city.

Don't forget to explore the various types and patterns of Tomb and marker signs on the graves. St. Louis cemetery approximately homes 700 tombs and its ruins that are individually owned and are open for repeated burials.


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