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Based in Manhattan, NYC, Park Avenue Smart Lipoâ„¢ offers effective cosmetic surgery solutions using the novel SmarLipo Triplex technology.
( March 7, 2013 - Manhattan, NY -- Park Avenue Smart Lipoâ„¢, an established plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City is offering advanced cosmetic surgery for men and women utilizing the latest liposuction technology, SmartLipo Triplex. This FDA approved workstation is specifically designed to remove excess fat and contour the body effectively.

The plastic surgeons at Park Avenue Smart Lipoâ„¢ are skilled in performing various cosmetic plastic surgery procedures with SmartLipo Triplex. Their expertise in utilizing this novel technology allows them to offer their patients superior and safe body contouring results with minimal downtime. Laser liposuction procedures are offered to remove fat from and redefine areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips, flanks, thighs, back, neck, upper arms, knees, and so on.

Patients who want to improve volume in areas such as the breasts or buttocks can go in for a fat transfer procedure. The fat removed via liposuction is processed and injected into the area that needs improvement.

Laser liposuction surgery at this plastic surgery center offers the following benefits:

>> High definition sculpting
>> Great skin tightening effects
>> Minimally invasive procedures
>> Outpatient procedures
>> Reduced surgical trauma
>> Minimal discomfort and pain
>> Quicker recovery

The surgeons and other qualified professionals at Park Avenue Smart Lipo are focused on providing their patients with quality treatment, personalized care and a pleasant and comfortable surgical experience - right from the initial consultation to full recovery.

Patients who find it difficult to travel to Manhattan for their cosmetic surgery consultation can opt for a virtual consultation service from the comfort of their home.

Non-physician staff members interact with patients to provide them with information about the liposuction procedures. Patients are requested to provide information about their medical history so that the plastic surgeons can determine if they are suitable candidates for laser liposuction treatment.

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