The Government of Cospedal is an Example of Commitment to the Youth of Our Region
"The Action Plan for Youth Employment accelerate positive developments expected unemployment data"
( March 1, 2013 - Avda Ireland, Spain -- Spain, March 01, 2013 The Minister of Employment and Economy of Castilla La Mancha, Carmen Home, said that "the Government of Cospedal is an example of commitment to correct unemployed unemployment data in general and youth in particular."

Speaking at the regional courts to explain the Plan of Action for Youth Employment, the Minister of Employment and Economy said that "we must all go hand in hand for the benefit of our young people, to make available everything our power and achieve the desired tissue regeneration productive in Castilla La Mancha. "

The Minister of Employment and Economy said "the government is perfectly marked its roadmap in economic matters. The first step to achieve the desired regeneration productively spent to meet the deficit target. Once achieved, it was necessary to stabilize certain economic sectors, something that is occurring, and, from that moment, introduce measures acceleration to achieve a positive trend in unemployment. "So Home has been convinced that plans like the Plan of Action for Youth Employment is key to achieving good results. "

In this sense, Casero recalled that "the Government of Castilla La Mancha commitment to change the production model for entrepreneurship and improving the employability of our youth." "They are the future of our region and our commitment begins by providing opportunities," he added.

To this end, continued Casero, Cospedal President has submitted a Plan of Action for Youth Employment, worth over 26 million euros, that plan is divided into two main lines of action, one valued at 10, 7 million euros, after the financing agreement of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in the School of Industrial Organization, Ministry of Industry, that draws on European funds and another 15.4 million euros, the Ministry Education, Culture and Sports.

Adopted on the agreement with the School of Industrial Organization, Casero said that "these professionals will be responsible for clearing the way of problems and make opening a business is just the beginning of a prosperous career in search of the real consolidation and job creation. "

About the amount of 28 million euros to provide funding to projects of our young entrepreneurs, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has stated that it is a "financial shortcut to accelerate the recovery process and therefore get all businessmen and entrepreneurs of Castilla La Mancha know that you have a government that supports them and that starts few tools are necessary to create jobs and promote economic recovery. "

Dual Training Agreement with Germany
Commenting on the agreement with Germany Dual Training, Casero said that "the Government of Cospedal sees Europe as a large map of opportunities to enhance the employability and training of young people in Castilla La Mancha."
Among the actions of the Action Plan on Youth Employment, stressed that the program 'Merge' "offers entrepreneurs, self employed and SMEs, support to cover human resource needs in their production processes."
In this way, we aim to enter the labor market to groups of young people, in order to improve their employability and learning within the company.
On the strategies for reclaiming the completion of studies to all those people who abandoned prematurely, Casero said that "is a guarantee to ensure that our youth are an incentive to cause an increase in their employability."
Finally, Home has stressed the importance of "joining forces with actions to improve the economy and opening a door of hope for all those people who want to work and can not do, especially our youth."


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