Creating Sales is Made Easy by Jack Miller's Latest eBook
Cash Flow Depot, a real estate investor training website, announces the availability of Jack Miller's latest eBook entitled Creating Sales. This book is for brokers, dealers, owners and investors who want to convert equity into cash and income.
( February 28, 2013 - Dallas, TX -- Cash Flow Depot has an eBook that teaches about the marketing and selling aspects of real estate investing. This book is entitled "Creating Sales" and is written by well-acclaimed author and legendary real estate investor Jack Miller. The book teaches its readers how to sell real estate even when faced with tough people, difficult properties and impossible markets.

"Creating Sales is one of the most popular books ever written by Jack", says Jackie Lange, general manager of Cash Flow Depot. "What's great about this marketing book is that the selling techniques are very effective. I know they are because I have used them myself. Investors who are having trouble selling houses will definitely learn a lot of tricks from this book", she further adds.

According to Jackie, the book offers different ways to sell a house. "From prepping the property for an open house up to techniques to getting that contract signed, this book is an excellent real estate marketing book from beginning to end. From time to time, I like to read certain chapters again. Funny as it sounds but the book sort of acts like my marketing consultant", says Jackie.

Apart from Creating Sales, the author Jack Miller is also known for his other best selling books. He is also author of "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" which is a book that creatively details his 45-year career in real estate investing, as well as "Fear Factor". The latter gives techniques in conquering one's fear in property investing. Jack is touted by investors as a "legend" in the real estate business. Being semi-retired, Jack now devotes his time to writing and teaching other investors about what he has learned throughout the years.

"Creating Sales has helped me a lot in real estate investing", says one book enthusiast. "The marketing strategies of Jack are excellent. I'm definitely recommending this book to my friends", he further adds.

John, who's a fan of Jack Miller, also has positive words for the author. "Jack does it again! My favorite chapter is the one that talks about the 10 ways to get sales people excited. I have already used these tricks and I can say that they're very effective."

People who wish to know more about the book may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1881. Creating Sales offers timeless strategies to selling a property that can assist real estate investors, brokers and homeowners liquidate assets.

About Jack Miller

Jack Miller is a successful real estate investor for 45 years. He has also been teaching seminars to sold-out crowds since the seventies. Nowadays, Jack continues to do this online as well as through the various books, seminars and training materials that he has written. Apart from his many written works, Jack is also part of the team of investors behind Cash Flow Depot which is a site that provides risk free ways to earn money via real estate investor training.


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