The EU Funds will mean a New Opportunity for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Castilla La Mancha
Commends the work of the Government of Spain in Europe, which has allowed the arrival in our country of a billion euros to fight youth unemployment.
( February 28, 2013 - Toledo, Spain -- "The Government of Cospedal is doing everything in its power to ensure that businesses and entrepreneurs are the protagonists of economic change in the region "

Spain, February 28, 2013 -- The Minister of Employment and the Economy of the regional government, Carmen Home, said today that "the arrival in Castilla La Mancha European funds will be a new opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs in the journey towards the economic regeneration of our region."

In this regard, he stressed that "the milestone of having complied with the constitutional goal deficit below 1.5 percent of GDP ensures we can provide the amounts that, as a region in transition, we will require the European Union and, thus, to effectively implement the productive system of Castilla La Mancha, which is who has to help generate jobs and wealth in our region. "

During the opening of the conference on "Presentation of the programming period 2014-2020 European Funds", Home has praised the work of the Government of Spain at the time of "getting our country can reach around 1,000 million euros to combat youth unemployment. "

The Minister of Employment and the Economy has stressed the importance of "having these operating funds, with which the European Union has shown great sensitivity in a time when we must all pull in the same direction and help from the regions to make Europe ".

Also the minister stressed that "economic levels are maintained, despite being a transition region, and the creation of a safety net that prevents having a significant downturn in the amounts that we will receive from the European Union, which will prevent eliminating the amounts that were being financed operational programs is not something traumatic for the financial architecture of Castilla La Mancha. "

Enterprise and Innovation

In the same vein, the Minister of Employment and the Economy has welcomed the decision taken from Europe to "the business and the workplace from the point of view of innovation and technology are the protagonists of the funding, and Castilla La Mancha, has long been deficient in this area. "

Home also stressed the importance of "establishing the guidelines that allow us to go for a smart and sustainable manner beneficial to the productive sectors of our region."

Therefore, he said that "the Government of Cospedal is doing everything in its power to ensure that employers are the main protagonists of economic change in Castilla La Mancha, since they are the ones who really have to help generate employment in our region. "

Thus, recalled that the Investment Plan and Employment Creation 2020 reflects the strategy of Castilla La Mancha "as a policy inevitably linked to Europe and the funding will come from 2014."

Finally, said that "the future has to be built from the Government, but with the involvement of the social partners and the business sector in the region."

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