IT Company Delivers Green IT That Saves You Money
Aspire IT Services Ltd have introduced software that works to save energy whilst the PC works as normal. The total system's energy is lowered reducing C02 emissions and saving money.
( July 21, 2010 - Stockport, United Kingdom -- IT company delivers green IT that saves you money

Set up in 1999, South Manchester based IT services company, Aspire IT Services Ltd have combined their personal interest in ecological good practice with their experience in information technology to introduce ecologically friendly IT solutions that save energy.

Leaving office PC's switched on overnight and during week-ends leads to the injection of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, damaging the environment and running up large electricity bills.

To combat these problems, Aspire IT Services Ltd have developed and implemented a strategy for their clients by installing software that works to save energy while the PC works as normal.
The total system energy use is lowered by 10-35% even when a system is working at 100%, reducing environmental damage but also making a yearly saving of over £25 per PC.
To ensure maximum energy is saved, shutdown scripts have been implemented so even when staff forget to shut down their machines the system will still close down at a pre-agreed time with the client.

From July onwards, the introduction of these IT solution will be implemented free of charge to all Aspire IT Services Ltd client base as part of their commitment to drive towards greener IT solutions.

Mark Hodgkinson, The IT Director comments, "We are committed to the implementation of greener IT solutions within our business and for our client base. We have a track record in consistent quality standards with our clients and we aim to be more than an IT supplier. We want to provide our clients with added benefits by helping them become greener businesses and saving them money too!.

Whether a small or medium size business, all companies can contribute to saving resources. Reducing energy waste is not only viewed as a friendly environmental action but also saves energy hence saves money. And all this with no detriment to the business.
Our three pronged attack on energy waste will mean we will save our clients a substantial amount of money per year and energy prices are not going lower in fact energy will shortly become a major issue for businesses as it is likely the UK has under-invested in power provision this could mean rolling brown outs and many challenges for IT infrastructures"

Notes to Editor
Aspire IT Services Ltd is a growing IT support services company based in the South Manchester area, Stockport. The company offers a wide range of IT support and IT services to small and medium size businesses for all industry sectors. Over the years the company has also become a specialist in supporting the professional sector, with particular emphasis on the legal sector.
Aspire IT Services Ltd provide IT support to companies looking to partially or completely outsource their IT requirements and aim to provide an on-going proactive approach when servicing their client base.

How does the software work?
The energy saving software works alongside the computer's Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS) feature, presently an often unused attribute of many PC's built in the last five years or so. DVFS helps find the ideal power saving solution without effecting the performance of the computer system. Consequently, where hardware allows it, DVFS will provide various power and performance settings for any modern processor with no noticeable performance loss. This means that the brain of the PC's power usage will be lowered and raised depending on the power requirements of the system.


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