Genecigs E-Cigarettes - The Healthier Alternative
Pretty much everyone knows the health risks associated with smoking and cigarettes, yet a lot of people simply find it hard to kick the habit.
( February 20, 2013 - Australia, CT -- Pretty much everyone knows the health risks associated with smoking and cigarettes, yet a lot of people simply find it hard to kick the habit. Genecigs knows that this is problem among many Australians, which is why they have come up with various electronic cigarette products and kits so you can still enjoy your "smoking" habits minus the health risks, waste of money, stigma and bad smell associated with real cigarettes.

As you may have read in many an electronic cigarette review Genecigs e-cigarettes are smoke free and pose no health risks. Completely tobacco-free, their products have less than a thousandth of the dangerous chemicals found in real cigarettes, and most importantly, they have proven to be successful in getting heavy smokers to quit smoking.

Not only are Genecigs e-cigarettes healthy, but as other electronic cigarette reviews and consumers have pointed out, these cigarettes taste very good and they don't have that bitter aftertaste that lingers in your mouth, as is the case with real cigarettes. Even heavy smokers admit that the company's E-cig vapor has a cleaner and more satisfying taste than real cigarettes, plus they are sold in different flavors, so it never gets old.

The fact that Genecigs E-cigs provide a healthy alternative is more than enough reason for one to take it up, but that's just one of the benefits that it brings. Their premium electronic cigarette products can be taken indoors as there are no laws forbidding their use in restaurants, cars, shops, offices, airports and other public places. Since these cigarettes don't have the smell or health hazards that come with real cigarettes, you don't have to go to a smoking area, and neither do you have to worry about polluting the environment.

Health benefits aside, Genecigs e-cigs are also more affordable than real cigarettes. A typical smoker spends about $600 monthly on cigarettes, while these e-cigarettes cost only $100. Of course this doesn't' even count the costs you save from illnesses brought about by real cigarette smoke and nicotine.

The purpose of Genecigs is to help you and your fellow Australians live healthier lives. With their e-cigarettes you no longer have to deal with the health hazards posed by cigarettes, and your loved ones no longer have to put up with cigar smoke either. It doesn't matter if you have been smoking for years or someone who's just gotten into it; Genecigs can help you overcome the habit.

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