Robert Pope Celebrates 25 Years of Construction Safety
Robert Pope maintains 25 successful years of working in the construction safety business.
( February 18, 2013 - New London, CT -- Robert Pope has been in the construction safety business for a long time. Robert first got a taste of what it was like to help people stay safe when he was a volunteer firefighter and EMT from 1981 - 1985.

Like most people, Robert Pope realizes that one of the top priorities to complete a job relies on correct use of time efficiency and work ethic. Along with these necessary steps, Robert Pope also realizes that safety should always be seen as the number one priority.

With over 25 years of experience in Construction Safety, Robert Pope relies on his training and certification in this field to make sure that any job site that he is on provides the safest environment for everyone involved. Robert Pope has been awarded for his safety skills & expertise in the past, including a Presidents Cup for Safety in 1996 from J.A. Jones and an Outstanding Efforts Towards Continuous Quality Improvement in March of 1996 from Tompkins Builders.

"I've always been a cautious person," Pope says, "and I take the responsibility into my own hands to ensure that everyone around me leaves work the same way they showed up."

Robert Pope has recently taken his experience and knowledge in construction safety and started his own company, American Construction Safety Solutions LLC, where he serves as owner and principal Safety Professional. Robert finds satisfaction in being able to serve companies all around the North East with jobsite safety services.

Robert Pope resides currently in New London, CT, but this does not stop him from venturing out of the state of Connecticut to consult companies on construction safety management. Robert Pope presently can be seen performing as a Safety Consultant in states around CT, especially in such places as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

"Being vigilant about the possibility of something going wrong, or someone getting hurt is a huge responsibility," Robert Pope says. "Being in this profession for so long, with 25 years of experience, helps me find and fix any possible opportunity where injury might occur."


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