Announces Forex Trading and Algo Trading through Automated Trading for Indian Stock Investors
SahajMoney provides trading and trading-related products to Indian investors. It is a market leader and has been growing steadily from the time it was founded.
( February 16, 2013 - New Delhi, India -- For Immediate Release:

SahajMoney provides trading and trading-related products to Indian investors. It is a market leader and has been growing steadily from the time it was founded. The company lately started automated trading which allow the investors to trade in an easier and more convenient manner.

The company has unveiled MSAT, which is a fully automated trading platform. Using it, investors can do online trading on NCDEX, NSE and MCX. The system makes use of a trading robot that ensures users earn money. The company's spokesman informed that the MSAT can be installed either on the investor's personal computer/laptop or the company's terminal. Investors can choose from a range of subscription packages that are available to fit into every kind of investor's budget.

With SEBI finally allowing Algo trading, it was a natural step for SahajMoney to make an automated trading platform available for its users. This platform can allow investors to trade without human intervention and SahajMoney confirmed that it has been approved by NSE as well as MCX.

As the approval for this trading platform lies with Master Trust Trading System, a partner of SahajMoney, users first have to open an account with Master Trust. After the account has been opened, investors can begin trading using the platform. This platform can be used just by individual traders and investors using a sub broker or broker terminal. To make it more convenient for investors, SahajMoney has provided different options for using the platform.

One option is having the platform at the dealer terminal and once the investor gives authorization, the platform conducts the trading on the investor's behalf. The investor receives client login which allows him to access his account any time of the day to check on details. The other option is having a dealer terminal installed at the residence of the investor and the platform can be used to trade.

The company also has another option for trading, wherein the investors deposits INR5, 000 with the company and receives 30 percent of the profits. This is the profit sharing model that the company has introduced using the auto trading software to make is more convenient for traders. The security deposit is refunded once the investor decides to close his account.

The beauty of automated platform is that investors do not have to sit in front of their systems to trade. The entire operation is carried out by the software. So whether it is intraday trading or online trading, all can be managed by the software. It is important to note that the software cannot be used for forex trading- the reason being that RBI does not allow forex trading in India. Hence, it is a crime to indulge in it and is punishable by law.

The company offers investment and trading opportunity in commodity and equity in Indian market to Indian investors. In addition, it offers several other valuable services like alerts, trading room access etc.

For more information on how to use MSAT for online trading or intraday trading, visit the website

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