Morgan K. Taylor Releases 'Methodology to Overcome Psychological Complexes'
Morgan K. Taylor, the founder and CEO of REALITYPLEX, releases a free, simple and detailed 6-step methodology to overcome any type of psychological complex.
( February 15, 2013 - Limassol, Cyprus -- Limassol, Cyprus, February 15, 2013 -- Many people suffer from psychological complexes and refuse to admit their existence or may not be aware of their presence. Once a complex is formed, it rapidly gets planted inside them, their mind starts interpreting and connecting reactions received from their environment as 'complex existence proofs' (even though in most cases they are not) and eventually the complex passes through to their subconscious. Complexes are highly interrelated between them and one complex can lead to another resulting in a vicious circle.

Who is the author of the Methodology?

Taylor's "6-step Methodology for Overcoming Psychological Complexes" focuses on our minds as a person's most important asset. For the past 2 years, Taylor has focused on various processes that take place in human brains (e.g. complexes, fears, dreams, secrets) and has published a series of articles in his own web space, REALITYPLEX (, which has grown into an online community. He has performed extensive research on psychological complexes and he offers detailed information about their definition, types, forms, sources and a comprehensive explanatory list of the most popular ones.

How does the Methodology add value?

Ensuring that people control their minds in the right way, Taylor's "6-step Methodology for Overcoming Psychological Complexes" provides a step-by-step strategy that will improve the daily emotions and behaviors relating to the complex of each individual. By guiding the daily processes that take place in human minds and creating a new perspective to their complex, Morgan teaches how his methodology can be implemented by anyone in order to overcome any type of complex.

Taylor's "6-step Methodology for Overcoming Psychological Complexes" goes beyond overcoming a psychological complex. The techniques and insights presented will help individuals to embed a new positive attitude in their lives and grow as conscious human beings. Psychological complexes will no longer affect their lives.

About the author
Morgan K. Taylor has a keen interest in productivity, personal development and life fulfillment. In 2011, he created REALITYPLEX in an effort to provide an online space where people can obtain useful information, connect with others and find solutions to their personal daily concerns and worries. What's in your head? Learn and share @

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