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( February 13, 2013 - Cape Town, South Africa -- South Africa is attracting the interest of the world recently, with its widest range of investment opportunities and world-class tourism hot spots. Not only the residents of South Africa, but the people from other parts of the world are also actively taking part in the everyday buzz happening here. South Africa is updating itself everyday with the latest in everything - business, entertainment, safety, security and likes to keep in pace with the fast moving lifestyle of its citizens.

Technology, with its ever expanding possibilities, is making things easier- to do, get and feel. One of the most important constraints of the strictly professional lifestyle is Healthcare. People seldom find time to take care of themselves. When their illness condition goes out of hand, their race against time stops suddenly. And a hasty search for good clinics in Cape Town starts.

M-Kem understands the sensitivity of health issues. People should be provided with healthcare solutions without spoiling their schedule for work or family. M-Kem's centre is among the few good Medical clinics in Cape Town. These clinics consist few of the best baby clinics and travel clinics of Cape Town. The services offered also extend to departments like Orthopedic, Skin Care and even surgical device services.

Extending its service to people of the whole of South Africa, M-Kem has its own Online Pharmacy in South Africa to offer their services on 24hrs in a day and 7 days in a week basis. It delivers its services, products and consultations at the ease of sitting back at home. Just at the click of a button, anybody from any part of South Africa can buy dermatological products, self care products, fitness supplements, pet care products, etc. People can also book appointments for consultations, surgeries, laboratory tests, etc through the website.

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About M-Kem
M-Kem is one of the finest online pharmacies in South Africa, with products related to a vast variety of medical conditions. This is a brain child of Mr. M, a trusted pharmacist with practice of 48 years. A multi-specialty multi-storied clinic with separate units for special medical needs stands as a crown for M-Kem's reach.

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