CherryPlayer enjoys increasing success after it is awarded a 4 Star rating from CNet!
CherryPlayer, the brilliant new Multimedia Player received a 4 Star editor's review recently from CNET, the popular technology hub where tech-savvy users go for advice and the latest technology news.
( February 13, 2013 - Stockholm, Sweden -- Stockholm, Danderyd ( prhwy ) February 12, 2013 - CherryPlayer is a brilliant free Windows multimedia player which gives users access to millions of free music and movies from and also includes an excellent YouTube downloader.

CherryPlayer has been growing in popularity since its launch. The free to download multimedia player is increasingly being chosen over other media players. It recently received a 4 Star editor's review from CNET, the popular technology hub where tech-savvy users go for advice and the latest technology news.

In his review, CNET's Editor spoke enthusiastically about CherryPlayer, "We were pleasantly surprised by CherryPlayer. This easy-to-use program gives users access to a huge selection of streaming, and it has a built-in downloader for YouTube as well. CherryPlayer is a great choice for listening to today's popular songs, exploring new music, and revisiting old favourites."

The straight forward design and layout of CherryPlayer also received high praise in the review, which highlighted how easy it is to search for the popular music and films available from The YouTube downloader is also proving particularly popular. It was praised in the review for easy use and flawless video playback.

CherryPlayer is also receiving high ratings from users. They gave it five stars on CNET and rated it as the best choice for mp3 streaming millions of their favourite music and streaming films from

CherryPlayer was also being praised in the reviews for its online help file and how easy it is to access information about features. CNET's editor put the multimedia player through its paces by searching for unusual pieces of music and rare films they were sure they would not find. But they did find everything they were looking for! Even rare tracks and films were listed when they searched the database. Users report no problems in easily using the simple search facility to access their files easily.

The popularity of CherryPlayer is set to rise as user numbers increase so rapidly. It is being hailed as the multimedia option for those who want the best from their multimedia player. The ability to easily download such a vast choice of films and music seems to be one of its most popular features.

CherryPlayer provides users with fast and simple access to a large collection of free music and films with painless mp3 streaming, so as the reviews and star ratings suggest, CherryPlayer is a hot choice these days.

The high praise CherryPlayer is receiving from the popular technical wizards at CNET is a real indicator of its quality and design. With a number of multimedia players on the market, CherryPlayer is set to enjoy a strong position as one of the favourites.

More and more users are jumping at the chance to download and try CherryPlayer free, and these excellent reviews are helping to spread the word. Tech-savvy reviewers and thousands of users are saying they think CherryPlayer is an impressive multimedia player and one of the best ways to access all the brilliant music and movies out there.

About CherryPlayer

Cherryplayer is a free Windows multimedia player that streams millions of free music titles and just as many movies from It is the platform for brilliant, smooth and fast mp3 streaming and film streaming. It also includes a superb YouTube downloader service.

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