Local Doctor Lucien Miranne Consults NFL
Lucien Miranne, a well-known Metairie doctor, is a consultant to the NFL on spinal cord injuries and neurology.
(prHWY.com) February 7, 2013 - Metairie, LA -- Lucien Miranne grew up in New Orleans and attended Louisiana State University (LSU). Like most New Orleans natives and LSU graduates, he is a big football fan. Lucien Miranne grew up playing sports, and he has followed the Saints and LSU for his entire life. His children, now 26 and 24, were very involved in athletics when they were in school, and the family likes to play sports in their down time. Dr. Miranne is also a top neurosurgeon in the New Orleans area, where he focuses on spinal surgery and treatment. Because of his interest in sports, specifically football, Dr. Miranne became involved in injury prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

Recently, the National Football League (NFL) recruited Dr. Miranne as a consultant to augment their in-house medical staff. Head and spine injuries are a major concern in football, and the NFL works hard to make sure that their athletes are protected from the dangers of the game. Athletes wear protective equipment whenever they play, and the sport's rules also attempt to prevent injury through dangerous tackles or foul play. When an athlete is injured or has a medical concern, the NFL provides top quality medical care. Dr. Lucien Miranne is part of that response.

When NFL doctors are confronted with a problem that is beyond their expertise, they consult with Dr. Miranne, whose credentials include a Chairmanship of Neurosurgery at East Jefferson General Hospital, numerous professional certifications, and a highly sought after practice with Southern Brain and Spine in Louisiana. His knowledge of a wide variety of neurology and neuroscience topics, paired with his leadership in the field, made him a great choice for the NFL. Now, Dr. Miranne works with managers, coaches, and players, to promote best practices for athletes in practice and during games. He also directs the NFL on how to make sure athletes recover from injuries.


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