Generating Home Business Leads With Facebook Groups - 7 Critical Mistakes To Avoid -
Generating Home Business Leads With Facebook Groups - 7 Critical Mistakes To Avoid -
( February 2, 2013 - Iowa City, IA -- Generating Home Business Leads With Facebook Groups - 7 Critical Mistakes To Avoid -

Generating home business leads with Facebook Groups takes your opportunity to the next level. Fast. Imagine an army of FBers aggressively promoting your online gig or cash gifting club? The benefits are amazing: like-minded people leverage your presence, helping you tap into expanding audiences quickly. Prospects gauge your authority, wanting to hop on board after observing your consistent presence on Groups.

Realize this: 95% or more of entrepreneurs make grave mistakes on FB Groups. Critical, prospect-repelling errors. Know the mistakes. Study the gaffes. Avoid the errors. By cleansing yourself of these screw-ups you can generate leads with ease. Really.

Generating Home Business Leads with Facebook Groups - Doltish Mistakes

1 - Update Frenzy

Nothing screams "selfish" like an individual posting non-stop home business advertisements on FB Groups. Make money online by giving before you receive. The concept is alien to many newbies, desperate to push their opportunity on everyone. Nobody cares until you care about them. Nobody cares until you listen. Slow down bucko! Take your foot off the pedal. Express interest in other opportunities. Stop posting, start adding value to other updates.

2 - No Value

Receive value by sharing value. Posting a squeeze page is not valuable. A chimp can post a link. A chimp can't teach me how to prosper with cash gifting though. A chimp can't share a value-packed blog post teaching me how to do so. You can. Do it. Don't be a chimp. Share value. Become valuable. Giving freely precedes getting a whole lotta money. Ask rich people.

3 - No Comments or Likes

Read other group member's updates. Read blog posts. Watch videos. 'Like' updates. Write intelligent, value-added comments in response to the updates. People are watching. Waiting. For someone to take the reins, establish authority. Waiting for a live body, someone who is listening. Listeners engage, become leaders and generate substantial leads.

Generating Home Business Leads on Facebook Groups - Sharing Is Caring

4 - No Sharing

Read a value-packed status update. Share on your profile wall. Go ahead. Do it. You might just make a friend. You might connect with someone who shares your content to their following, bumping up your opt-ins by an extra 5 or 10 people that day. Happens to me. Happens to other people who freely share status updates, blog posts, and videos. Sharing people have no issues reaching out into new, expanding, hungry, voracious, targeted audiences. Rich people build massive networks by sharing, paying it forward. Do what they do.

5 - Letting Bottom Feeders Rule

Richard Alexandre Bourque is the NUMBER 1 dude on Facebook in terms of running a value-packed, clean, high energy group. He banishes bottom feeders instantly. People who try to *get* before they *give*, by posting lame squeeze pages. He is really, really quick to delete posts and ban members who are simply in his group to use other members for money. Bitch slap bottom feeders immediately. I never give people a warning; nobody spared me the rod, and trust me, it was the number 1 lesson I ever received. I learned how the Big Boys and Big Girls played, and since I received no warning after being banned when I was a newb, engaging in lame-ass spamming practices, I learned the lesson really fast. A smack across the face teaches you an unforgettable lesson opposed to a slap on the wrist.

6 - Wrong Group

Make money online by hanging out where people want to learn about making money online. Succeed with cash gifting by hanging out where people want to learn about gifting clubs. Easy. Makes perfect sense. Do not hang where people have zero interest in your offering. If you are a home biz coach do not hang on inspirationl Facebook Groups all day. You are not a life coach.

7 - Not Having Fun

Stressing, straining, striving and rushing through your FB Groups interactions sends off a desperate vibe, which repels money, successful coaches, and prospering prospects who might join your team. Lighten up dudes and dudettes. Laugh. Relax. Enjoy. Prosper.

Generating Home Business Leads on Facebook Groups - Summary

Slow down to combat update frenzy. Post value. Comment and Like updates. Share helpful content. Smack down bottom feeders. Join relevant groups. Have fun.

Generating home business leads on Facebook helps you prosper wildly on the social network if you follow the tips persistently.


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