John Baisden of Turning Winds Academic Institute Announces Successful Girls' Trip to Northern Idaho
Turning Winds Academic Institute supported yet another girls' adventure trip to Northern Idaho. The trip saw eight young students explore the beauty of northern Idaho.
( January 29, 2013 - Bonners Ferry, ID -- Turning Winds Academic Institute is pleased to announce that the girls' expedition to Northern Idaho has been a success. The adventure is one of many expeditions Turning Winds supports for its students throughout the year. Eight young women and accompanying members of Turning Winds staff were the members of this multi-day expedition.

Adventure expeditions are a significant part of Turning Winds' therapeutic program. The school is a therapeutic co-ed boarding school that accepts troubled teens to provide them the education and skills necessary to overcome the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis.

The expeditions provide students, both boys and girls, the opportunity to demonstrate their maturity and improvements since attending Turning Winds. The trips also provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about the importance of respecting the environment and other outdoorsmen skills. The girls on the trip to Northern Idaho - with staff support - relied on their discipline and self-confidence to accomplish a successful backpacking trip in the Selkirk Mountains.

In addition to the learning experience provided by the trips and expeditions, students often open up and bond with their fellow students and staff. The build-up of trust amongst students and staff is incredibly important in the success of Turning Winds' program.

In addition to outdoor activities, Turning Winds Academic Institute provides an intense and in-depth program designed at improving its students' behavior and academic ability. Dedicated clinical staff and teachers work daily to provide the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to allow the students to overcome their challenges.


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