Important facts about Android application development
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( January 19, 2013 - Nassau, NY -- Android is comprehensive platform that features a Linux-based operating system from Google stack for managing devices, memory, and processes, due to openness of this powerful and robust mobile platform attracts and encourages developer to make unique and robust Android application. Android has quickly settled its ground in mobile and Smartphone market and as the day is passing its users are increasing day by day and this is one of the biggest reasons why the developers are rushing toward the Android application development.

Important facts about Android application development

1. Android application are Adaptable to 2D and 3D graphic libraries, VGA and traditional smart phone library ,Lightweight SQLite database support
2. Android provides application development through its various tools. By this Andriod application developers not only can generate good application but this tools can be used for testing , sell, distribute and market as requirement.
3. Android is the multi-user Linux system where each application is different with users. In Android the individual application runs with its own process of linux .
4. Android applications can be developed easily as there are various ready made SDK or software development kit available with the environment for writing, testing and debugging mobile apps available which makes it very easy for the Android application developers to develop customized applications.
5. The major features of Android application development are it has ability to collect specific and correct information in quick time, use to tools are very simple in Android, supports various ,audio, video and image formats and more
6. Android has many amazing features like integrated browsers, optimized graphics, and application framework audio, visual and other media file support, GSM telephony, Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, WiFi and much more. Which help to generate exquisite application
7. The first publicly available application was the Snake game.
8. Android OS support of Java Language for Android Developers so that developers can develop third party Applications on Java which can easily run on Android OS based Device.
9. The other good thing about Android is that it supports Flash, by which attractive application can be easily made
10. Android SDK and various other tools are used for developing and testing Android applications. 
11. Android application development requires a smaller amount venture, but assures a great return on investment

With the growing demand of Android application development in global market , the customers are looking for Android application development team that has ability to create efficient Android application which have unique feature that have own business market and meet the specific business objective.

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