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Sydney, ID ( December 27, 2012 - You know the Christmas tree hat in runescape is obtained from collecting all five coloured presents (purple, white, red, green and blue present) from other players. Because it cost so much RS gold in the game, so "#Gy12027R" keep a Christmas tree hat is necessary for players who want to get profit rs gold for sale from it. The five coloured presents will not be able to be obtained after 31 December 2012, so many RS players have a question that whether the Christmas tree hat will be tradable or not after the end of the year? Just follow RSorder to take a prospect for that.

You can find the trend of Christmas tree hat price is a straight line up, so if you now have a Christmas tree hat, just keep it! It will bring you a lot of profit once it becomes rare on the end of the year, because the price may skyrocket for a period of time.
Will the Christmas tree hat always be tradeable?

You can notice that all holiday items before like 2004 will always be rs goldradable rs gold for sale as they're worth so much. The Christmas Presents however will not be available to obtain after the 31st of December. On the 14th of January the presents will all vanish, making the Christmas tree hat a tradeable discontinued item, just like the Party Hats and such. Of course they could eventually become rares, because unlike the fish mask, they actually look nice, and are desirable for cosmetic reasons.
Cheap RS gold with Western Union for Christmas tree hat

If you don't want to miss the good opportunity for having a Christmas tree hat which will probably bring you a lot of profit, then get it and keep it. You can also get multiple Christmas tree hats to sell them and get huge benefit from that before the price is rising. You can buy runescape gold with Western Union on RSorder in order to stock Christmas tree hat as quickly as possible, if you place an order on RSorder, you can enjoy safe buying process and 10 minutes fast delivery.

A good news for you that you can enjoy 10% bonus for RS gold on RSorder, what's runescape gold more, use discount code - CHRISTMAS, you can get extra 5% discount. So don't miss it!
Small suggestions for RS gold after EOC


Drops aren't typically phenomenal, but usually they're decent and it's an efficient way to level up a lot of things.


Herb runs. Seriously, do a run in between each slayer task.


Quests and tasks tend to unlock more of these. A few good ones are yak-hides on jaitzo, battlestaves from naff/baba yaga, and unfinished broad bolts and tips from slayer masters - though all of that takes a little bit of runescape gold for sale as well. Kingdom of misc can be considered one of these too.


There are a few things you can do to make money right at the GE. If you have access to lunar magic, pretty much half of its spells turns a profit for you. Making unfinished potions is pretty much always a profit, though it gives no xp (without full flash powder factory outfit anyway) - dungeoneering herb scroll is very useful for this, it will turn you a much better profit per hour. Cutting yew logs into shieldbows runescape gold for sale is another option. There are many things to look into - check out GE prices of commonly-bought things.

Black dragons

You probably need crystal bow, mage protect, shield for rejuvenate and war tortoise to fight against it. If you win, you will have the loots and sell them to earn money.

RS Gold for Cheap with Western Union to Own Christmas Tree Hat

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