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Liverpool, United Kingdom ( December 20, 2012 - Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)
Breast augmentation surgery simply known as breast enlargement operation involves the use of implants to enhance the size and fullness of a woman's breasts. The present day breast implants are extremely versatile and are available in a comprehensive range, giving the surgeon a choice of the implant(s) to meet with the patients expectations.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Most women apart from a lucky few will develop droopiness of the breasts. It is inevitable with age. Factors such as pull of gravity on the heaviness of breasts, pregnancy, breast feeding, removal of breast implants, smoking and weight loss play a significant role.
The good news is advancement in medical science has now made it possible to negotiate even with age to look younger! Mastopexy is the solution to the quest for firmer and perky bosoms. (Breast lift operation) which is a surgical procedure to raise the droopy boobs. In addition to lifting the breasts the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) may have to be reduced in size. If the breasts are small to start with or have lost volume following pregnancy, it is possible to combine an augmentation with breast lift.

Augmentation - Mastopexy
In some women due to the faulty size and shape of the breasts combined with the nipple position, the enlargement procedure may have to be combined with a breast uplift cosmetic surgery. This is to remove the excess fat and also move the nipples to a suitable position on the breasts. At your consultation, the consultant will indicate if this procedure would be needed to get the best results for you. He will have a detailed discussion about the benefits, limitation and potential risks of the procedure with you.

Macrolane Some women would want to just improve the shape of their breasts. They might want to have bigger boobs or desire full and perky bosoms. This can be achieved through the below mentioned ways:
Breast augmentation with a small implant.
Fat injections enlargement of breasts
Macrolane Breast Enhancement
Breast augmentation with implant is an operation in itself and will require general anesthesia. You will need to take off from work for some time as there will be an implant in the breast.
Fat injection enlargement of breasts involves harvesting patients own body fat by liposuction technique from the abdominal wall, thighs or buttocks , preparing fat cells from it and injecting it into breasts. The operation takes at least 5 to 6 hours which is done under general anesthesia. You will need to stay at the hospital for some time. As a matter of fact, all the fat cells that are injected do not necessarily survive and the dead fat cells leave behind calcium deposits which might make look worrying and will need to be checked out by biopsy.

Macrolane Breast Enhancement is novel way of breast and body shaping. Macrolane is a non-animal based stabilized hylaraunic acid. It is the sister product of well known tissue filler Restylane, which has been used in over 9 million treatments in over 70 countries to enhance lips and face.
Macrolane VRF (Volume Restoration Factor) is available in two different formulations. The product range includes - Macrolane VRF 20 and Macrolane VRF 30. Each is designed to be tailored to your individual treatment needs, with VRF 30 providing increased volume than VRF 20. Your surgeon will discuss your treatment needs with you during consultation.

It is possible to increase the breast size by one cup and the effect lasts only 12 to 18 months. The procedure will need to be repeated to maintain the breast shape. Macrolane instant breast enhancement is done as day case and under local anesthesia using small 3mm incisions under the breast fold (inframammary crease) and or in the armpit.

The tiny wounds will be sutured and dressed with waterproof dressing and will be reviewed in 7 to 10days.
Like all operations macrolane breast enhancement procedure can also be associated with complications such as bleeding/bruising, infection (antibiotics will be given to minimize the risk), allergic reaction and occasional pain, which can be controlled by pain killers.
Mr M.V.Chandrashekar is fully trained cosmetic plastic surgeon in the technique of Breast and Body shaping with Macrolane and is licensed by QMed Company to procure and treat patients with Macrolane.

Mr Chandrashekar did his training in macrolane breast enhancement with Professor Sakata from Japan. Professor Sakata has an experience in Macrolane breast shaping with more than thousand patients treated under his care.

Breast Reduction
Some women have large to very large breasts. The size of the boobs is genetically determined to a great extent, but increased body weight aggravates the problem. Women with very large breasts experience a host of problems such as backache, neck pain, grooving of shoulders from bra straps and rashes under the breasts. It may also be difficult to fit into fashionable clothes and limit certain leisure pursuits and sport activity. Such women frequently report poor self-confidence and suffer from low esteem.

Male Breast Reduction
Also known as "Manboobs", it is enlargement of breasts in men, and it affects nearly 40 to 60% of men in their lifetime .There are several causes for this condition and will need a careful clinical assessment. Common causes include affect of certain medications, excess use of alcohol and body building drugs. In most cases the cause is unknown. The condition commonly affects both breasts but sometimes even one side can be affected. If the enlargement of the breasts is significant it can affect your body image and your self-esteem.

Reconstructive Breast Surgery
Nearly a third to half the numbers of women diagnosed with breast cancer will need Mastectomy as part of the cancer treatment. Boobs are the most important part the body image of a woman. It is the symbol of femininity. Mastectomy (removal of the whole breast) can have negative effect on the patient's self confidence to a great extent. 30% of women do develop depression and anxiety following mastectomy due to impaired body image.


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