How effective is the carpet patch method?

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Los Angeles, CA ( April 26, 2011 - How effective is the carpet patch method?

The carpet patch method is probably one of the best known and most used method of fixing a carpet. And although this is more of a last resort carpet fix, it usually comes to this as people tend to irreparably damage their carpets.

With a carpet patch can fix many carpet related problems. For instance if your carpet has a burn mark this could easily cut out and replaced with a carpet patch and you won't be able to tell the difference. The same could be done in the case of stains, carpet holes or tracks left by a heavy object.

If the carpet patch method is done by an expert, the end result would be as if the carpet had never been damaged, burned, torn, stained, etc. As you would imagine, the carpet patch has to be the same texture and color as the rest of the carpet for this method to work properly. Even a slight variation in color would make the carpet patch stand out and get noticed by anyone. But although the carpet patch may be noticeable to the naked eye, it will be better looking than the portion of the carpet that was just replaced.

There are many factors that can influence the success or failure of the carpet patch method and you need to make sure that the repairman or whoever is doing the carpet patching is aware of these factors. The usual problem with patching is that the carpet patch is usually new whereas the rest of the carpet is old and worn, making it extremely difficult to make the carpet patch unnoticeable. Another reason why the patching process may go wrong is because there are gaps or overlaps on the new and old carpet. And last but not least, you could end up with a noticeable carpet patch if the pattern on the patch is in a wrong direction. So knowing what might go wrong in a carpet patching process you will be able to prevent anything from going wrong, either by supervising the repairman while he or she is patching the carpet or by doing the repair yourself.

If the damage to your carpet is great then repairing it would be no easy task. If you don't know what you are doing then you should probably leave carpet patching to someone who does or you might end up doing more damage to the carpet.


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