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The Hobbit was definitely expected by everyone since it was announced. The movie has some of the characters from Lord of the Rings and promises to bring us a new adventure.
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California, CA (prHWY.com) December 17, 2012 - The Hobbit was definitely expected by everyone since it was announced. The movie has some of the characters from Lord of the Rings and promises to bring us a new adventure. It was just recently released and shortly after, Hobbit toys started to make their appearance on the market. It is not something peculiar, since there are even Angry Birds lunch bags and many such accessories to meet the needs of any fan.

It is not such a strange thing for a big fan to buy merchandise inspired from some of the most popular releases. Hobbit toys are not the only ones, since there are so many other items available for purchase. And with the convenience online buying offers, you can simply place the order while sitting at the desk. You can have your favourite character from The Hobbit movie or you can make a great surprise for your child and buy him a plush toy that he can proudly play with.

Some of the most popular characters from the movie are Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin and let's not forget about Gollum. Such Hobbit toys are pretty adorable, as they are soft and appropriate for children. They also come in various sizes, small, medium or large, according to how big you want the toys to be. They make up a great story and children can play with them after seeing the movie or even after reading the book. They are definitely popular among many fans and they are worth buying.

Speaking of productions that have leaded to success and to release of various items, Angry Birds is one of the most popular applications. It is so popular that it even has its own merchandise, including the Angry Birds lunch bags. It is expanding to so many places and if at the beginning it was available for just some platforms, now players can download it and enjoy it for their phones, tablets and PCs. The accessories from the game are really cool and they give you the opportunity of showing your style and love for the game.

Who wouldn't love having the amazing birds on various objects? It surely puts a smile on the face, even though the birds are all frowning. Besides the Angry Birds lunch bags, there are many other items to consider, such as phone cases, laptop stickers, clothing, and plush toys and even flip flops, caps and many other accessories. Not many games have the privilege of having their own accessory collection, so if you have the opportunity and you love playing Angry Birds, you should definitely consider buying.

Some movies are legend and they will be popular at any time. It is the case with The Hobbit, as it has that never-ending story, that unique point of view that captures us all. By having Hobbit toys, you will always be remembering scenes from the book and from the movie and you will have a chance to make your kid happy, in case the toys are for him/her. But the Angry Birds lunch bags are definitely a must have, no matter the type of the bags and what characters are on them.

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