Nexusguard's Cloud Based Anti-DDoS Application Produces Satisfied Customers

With a motto like "Your Security is our Priority" and "Enabling the Internet like it's meant to be" Nexusguard delivers products which make them come true.
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new territories, Hong Kong ( December 5, 2012 - With a motto like "Your Security is our Priority" and "Enabling the Internet like it's meant to be" Nexusguard delivers products which make them come true.

Effective software against DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) is rare and highly priced. Even if businesses suffering from attacks are willing to pay the demanded price, few products can effectively deter DDoS attacks. Nexusguard introduces a pocket friendly, high performance, cloud based anti-DDoS attack application.

With its defensive capacities, people are wondering if the company's products can really deliver on what they promise. William Teo, CTO, Xuenn Ltd is quoted as "We support mission-critical businesses where every minute of downtime means thousands of dollars lost. Nexusguard is by far the only one able to provide us the resilience and quality of service in the market and their 'in-the-cloud' solution. This allows our customers to operate in a safe and worry-free online environment to focus on what they enjoy - their business. Typically, our customers are able to reallocate at least 30% of their in-house technological resources to other areas and at the same time, increase their availability to more than 99.5% after offloading the DDoS burden to Nexusguard."

During a DDoS attack, most service providers choose to take the website down while quickly working to reroute the extra traffic and have servers freed to resume normal functions again. The Nexusguard cloud based Anti-DDoS promises benefits like enabling you to be online and available during an attack.

Utilizing a diverse spread of Global network carriers, including more than a dozen Asian and numerous American and European carriers, Nexusguard is able to deliver routing optimization superior to any single carrier, remaining truly network agnostic while possessing the ability to eliminate single point failures prevalent amongst lone carrier networks. With deep understanding of political, infrastructure and economic factors related to each Asian country's network environment, Nexusguard is able to customize and optimize each customer's solution for the best latency and packet-loss possible.

With a the fact that Nexusguard ranked among the Top 40 Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong2010 shows that the company does in fact pay attention to its consumer's problems and needs.

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About Nexusguard

An effective DDoS Mitigation provider, Nexusguard was founded while the search for an effective, heavy duty solution to DDoS attack was still ongoing. The organization is known not only for its technical capability and know-how but also its flexibility in providing quality protection services according to customer needs.

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