High Search Engine Rankings Are the Key to Having a Successful Online Business

High search engine rankings are the key to having a successful online business. GetSeoBacklinks.com is an Seo company that that specializes in helping website businesses obtain optimum search engine rankings.
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Jersey City, NJ (prHWY.com) April 21, 2011 - In order for an online business to be successful it must be visible on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. When a website can obtain high visibility for the keywords that are associated with its products or services that can translate into massive targeted traffic and potentially a boatload of sales if those products or services are in strong demand according to Omar Johnson Ceo of GetSeoBacklinks.com an Seo Company that specializes in helping website businesses obtain optimum search engine visibility.

Mr. Johnson states: "Not only must an online business be visible, but it is imperative that it ranks on the first page on the search engines because that's where all the traffic is generated from and where most of the clicking occurs."

He further reveals the following statistics."If you have a number 1 ranking on Google for the keyword relevant to your online business you will receive approximately 42% of the search engine traffic for that particular keyword. A number 2 and number 3 ranking for that same keyword would generate 12% and 9% of that search engine traffic respectively. As you can clearly see the further down you are in the rankings the percentage of clicks that a website gets decreases, so the goal should be to get your website on the first page of the search engines and ultimately the number 1 ranking."

The major search engines based their search rankings on numerous factors such as the age of the domain, how well it is search engine optimized for the keywords it's trying to obtain ranking for and how many backlinks it has pointing back to its' site. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are the backbone of search engine positioning. The more established, high quality, and high Page Rank the website that contains the link has, the more power it has to help the linked website with its search engine position. Simply put if you have more quality backlinks than your competitors chances are you will outrank them 95% of the time.

GetSeoBacklinks.com helps website owners achieve high search engine rankings by offering a superior seo and link building service that will enable them to achieve first page results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. In further describing the services that his company offers Mr. Johnson states "At GetSeoBacklinks.com we truly understand the importance of giving you quality backlinks so we only offer elite link building services that comes with our in depth analysis of your website pages that you want to increase the search engine rankings for."

GetSeoBacklinks.com also offers a free e-course entitled "Powerful Tips That Will Enable Your Website to Rank High on The Search Engines" to online entrepreneurs and business owners that reveal the secrets to getting any website on the first page of the major search engines.

For more information visit http://www.getseobacklinks.com


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