Penny Stocks Expert Revisits Prediction Number Two, From 12 Things to Expect in 2012

The leading expert in penny stocks, and author of Invest in Penny Stocks, Peter Leeds has revisited his predictions for 2012. Among twelve predictions made for the year, back in January, Leeds projected that Obama would win re-election by a strong m
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Raleigh, NC ( November 28, 2012 - Peter Leeds, the authority on investing in penny stocks, and publisher of the leading Peter Leeds penny stocks newsletter, is going back to the projections for the world he made in January. His second prediction out of twelve was that Obama would win re-election by a strong margin, and this played out exactly as expected.

"The President and their policies are very relevant to investing in penny stocks." comments Leeds. "The fact we were able to call the winner a year ago, and then reaffirm six months ago, and finally one month before the election, stands to the caliber of analysis conducted by our penny stocks team."

Leeds makes sure to comment that any statements made are neither in favor of nor opposed to any political party or personality. He explains that the expectations for the victor, and implications arising therefrom, help him and his penny stocks investing team conduct their analysis into which penny stocks will outperform based on the implemented policies.

"Penny stocks in certain sectors will do better under a Democratic administration, while other penny stocks will perform more strongly with the Republicans in power," mentions Leeds. "This helps guide which penny stocks we profile to our leading subscriber base, and helps all our investing followers profit from the penny stocks we pick."

Given the leadership in the polls in the battleground States, and the number of Electoral College votes from each, it was clear early on that the race would never be close, Leeds mentions. "The media and the political parties acted like the race was close, because they each had a vested interest in doing so. However, they all ignored the math. One plus one is two, and Obama was always a clear winner from as far back as a year prior."

Peter Leeds and his penny stocks investing team use their predictions to assess the merits of various types of penny stocks. They then profile those penny stocks for investing to subscribers of the Peter Leeds penny stocks investing newsletter.


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