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The regimen offers much but still has little in the way of solid medical backing
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San Francisco, CA ( November 26, 2012 - San Francisco, CA- When Bonny Walton hit her 40s, she found it almost impossible to lose weight. She turned to the Bouari clinic to see if they could help her with the frustration of fat.

"I did 45 pounds in about three and a half months. But I went from a size 18 to a size 8, which is exciting," said Walton of Abita Springs.

Walton's experience is not an anomaly. Other clients say they are not hungry, do not experience cravings, and have more energy than ever. Bonny enjoyed the Bouari experience so much, she became a consultant.

Even before any Louisiana clinics were opened, Wendy DiFulco lost 22 pounds on a program long-distance from the deserts of Las Vegas, Nevada. She was so heavily impressed that she bought a franchise and opened up in Metairie. It became the first of five clinics.

"Our female clients lose an average of a half a pound a day. Our male clients lose an average of a pound a day, but they are losing the weight they want to lose. They are losing fat and they are losing in the problem areas," said DiFulco, who owns the Metairie clinic.

"I've done it myself. I'm a big believer in that it's helped me. It's helped a lot of members of my family. In fact, all of us here at the clinic, have all done the program with great success," said Daniel Nettles, the owner of the Bouari clinic on the Westbank.

The program is reportedly easy. Those who partake do not have to count calories or eat approved foods that are nutrient-dense and lacking in flavor.

One client described it as "shopping on the outside aisles of the grocery store."

The plan sticks with the age-old good advice of sticking to eating proper proportions in three meals and two snacks per day. There supplements that are proprietary to the clinic and supportive counseling as well.

LSU Health Sciences Center's Dr. Melinda Sothern stated what is positive about the program is the support, healthy food regimen, and individualized strategy for each persons' weight loss.

"I never thought you could lose weight without working out, but this is one of those programs that you don't have to work out," said a male client in a Bouari commercial.

"Over the long term, it definitely is the only component of a weight loss program that is shown to help keep the weight off. Consistently over time, studies show that those individuals who keep their weight off at one year, five years, 10 years, are the individuals who adopt exercise after the weight loss program is over," explained Dr. Sothern, who is in the LSU School of Public Health and is an expert in exercise and obesity.

While Bouari has no particular scan of client body compositions to point to direct weight-to-muscle loss or gain, the clinic claims to target fat loss, while emphasizing active lifestyle to promote muscle retention or growth.

"Bouari is a lifestyle change. They will learn to prepare foods in a manner that they never did before," explained DiFulco, who said clients learn to love the whole foods such as tomatoes rather than canned paste that could have sugar or other added calories.

Bouari does not come cheap either, with $359 tallying the first month of treatment, and $469 totaled for a 60-day stint. Continuation of the program is $120-185 per month. And there is still an overwhelming amount not known about the majority of the ingredients' capability of promoting weight loss.

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