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Eating habits can have one of the fastest positive impacts on your life. Here are ten tips to help you eat healthy.
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New York, NY ( April 19, 2011 - Eating habits can have one of the fastest positive impacts on your life. Here are ten tips to help you eat healthy.

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1 - Drinking water - Our body needs plenty of water. Water cleans out toxins, makes you more healthy and fit. Water controls your appetite and you should establish a water drinking routine to reach your weight loss goals and stay at a healthy weight. Although unsure about the exact amount, the majority of advocates suggest at least six or seven cups of water daily. If you are sincere about being trim and healthy, you have to drink water.

2 - Eating Fresh Fruit - You should eat fruit in place of drinking juice. Juice usually has added sweeteners but fresh fruits are naturally sweet. Fresh fruit is necessary for a wholesome diet, moderately low in calories and it is very nutritious. Fruit is a tasty way to get the vitamins and minerals you need.

3 - Eating Vegetables - This is the best way to lose weight. There are various kinds of vegetables to pick. You should at least try to have two portions daily. Green leafy vegetables are the best. You should always have a salad as part of your diet.

4 - Eating Smart - Humans and animals differ in the way that people function by intellect while animals function by natural inclination. Don't just eat anything because you have a taste for it. Question yourself and think about if it necessary for your body.

5- Watching Your Sweet Tooth - People who love sweets have to be careful of temptation. It is normal for people to crave sweet snacks specifically chocolates and other sweet treats.

6 - Eating Only When You Are Hungry - Some people are prone to eating whenever they are around food. When we go out we use this as a reason to overeat. Don't ruin the time you have been on diet for an occasion such as this. Even if you are at a public event you don't have to pig out like the other people do.

7 - Stop Eating When You Are Bored - Don't be a victim of being tempted to snack in between meals. The real problem with snacks is that the typical snacks are fattening and high in calories without filling you up.

8 - Drinking Black Tea Or Coffee - Tea and coffee can really be good for you. However, I personally feel that tea is better than coffee. The caffeine in coffee could have a negative effect on your bodily functions such as your metabolism.

9 - Stop Eating Fried Foods - Fried foods are basically high in fat because the oil that it is cooked in stays on top of the food after it is fried. Fried foods are not healthy and if you eat fried foods, at least one meal weekly, you will end up with a unhealthy level of cholesterol.

10 - No Skipping Meals - It is a very bad thing to skips meals since you must eat regularly to maintain your metabolism level. Skipping meals brings you the opposite results of what you desire. You should eat a minimum of four small meals daily. Be true to yourself about eating healthy and you will see the results. This is not always easy to do, but if you make this your custom you will find that you will feel more energetic with a happy and healthy way of living.


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