Emerald Knight Sheds Light on Renewable Energy Investment

Emerald Knight Ltd, a recognized market leader in the rising renewable energy investment market, sheds some light on socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies.
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London, United Kingdom (prHWY.com) November 22, 2012 - London, UK (October 19, 2012) - Emerald Knight Ltd, a recognized market leader in the rising renewable energy investment market, sheds some light on socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies. By investing in renewable energies and other similarly ethical financial instruments, people and companies obtain ROI and help the environment at the same time.

Social investments allow companies to invest in funds that are consistent with their social as well as financial objectives. Businesses that choose socially responsible investments incorporate government policies and goals into their financial decision making processes. They mostly utilize market and economic drivers to stimulate CSR and positive social change.

In this regard, companies that spend in SRI strategies avoid investing in sectors that are perceived to be adverse to the environment. Industries such as oil, tobacco, weapons manufacturing, and gambling are shunned by these investors, opting to put their money on socially progressive and eco-friendly investment areas.

Carbon credits trading is one of the emerging instruments that ethical investors are inclined to put their money on. Investors earn significant revenue from carbon offsetting trades with companies that emit larger volumes of pollution. Aside from the high yield of profit that it promises, it also allows the developing nation to garner sustainable resources, maintain first world technology, and benefit from a cleaner domestic environment.

Emerald Knight Ltd offers people and businesses a unique opportunity to diversify their financial portfolio by allowing them to invest in socially responsible and environment friendly financial instruments. At present, they are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Californian carbon trading market in the US which is seen to become the leading market in the world.

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Emerald Knight Ltd specializes in socially responsible investment opportunities. The company is fully centred in this area, giving them unrivalled expertise and network to offer the most transparent investment products on the market. The company has been recognized by leading industry and investment publications.

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