Widely Followed Stock Market Analyst, Peter Leeds, Indicates The Top Three Industries Which Will Benefit From An Obama Presidency

Many industries will not do as well under Democratic leadership, while others will do much better, based on the underlying policy decisions.
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Raleigh, NC (prHWY.com) November 16, 2012 - Peter Leeds, the widely followed and highly respected stock market analyst and expert in penny stocks, has released his picks for the top three industries which will benefit from a second term for President Barrack Obama.

With the Presidential election now a week behind us, Peter Leeds, the top penny stock analyst, author, and public speaker, has released his top three industries which will benefit from a second term under President Barrack Obama. Leeds expects advantages under Democratic leadership for alternative energy, life sciences, and health care companies.

"We anticipated an Obama win a long time ago, from an apolitical perspective, as can be seen in our stock market press released and comments going back over a year," mentions Leeds. "Knowing the outcome as much as 14 months ahead of time allowed us to analyze our penny stock picks in the right light, and position ourselves and our subscribers to enjoy the greatest benefit."

While there will be many beneficiaries from Obama's win last week, the biggest will be:

1. Life science stocks: Democrats have much friendlier policies towards stem cell research, cord blood banking, and other life sciences. Between incentives and encouragement, expects stocks and especially penny stocks engaged in the industry to benefit.

2. Alternative energy stocks: Today in his first press conference since being re-elected, President Obama was very clear in his belief in global warming, and his drive to support further clean energy efforts. Larger stocks and penny stocks alike, from the clean energy industry, should benefit.

3. Health care stocks: As Obamacare is rolled out, there will be many changes to policies and procedures for companies engaged in this industry. As they navigate the transition there will be growing pains, but at the end of the day there will be millions more customers for medication, insurance, and treatment stocks.

Leeds explains that while he and his team focus on penny stocks for the subscribers of their penny stock trading newsletter, larger companies in the industries which will benefit under Obama will also do quite well.

The Peter Leeds newsletter for penny stock enthusiasts costs $195 per year, and provides daily penny stock updates, full company reports, and buy and sell price opinions for all their penny stock picks. Neither Leeds or any of his team members pump penny stocks, or take compensation in any form for the picks.

You can connect with Leeds and get his comments and opinions on stocks and the stock market on his Facebook forum.

Asked if any industries will do worse under Obama, Leeds cites a few. "We have been more cautious about oil refineries which would have benefited from the Keystone pipeline, and a few niche penny stocks which provide services to off-shore drillers and rigs. Overall, the economy will behave in a certain way in the coming months no matter who is in charge, so we are now preparing ourselves and our penny stock newsletter subscribers for the coming months and years."


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