MentorHealth to present webinar on "Quality Assurance for High Quality Care"

MentorHealth, a leading provider of online training for the healthcare industry, is organizing a webinar on December 11 on the topic, "Quality Assurance for High Quality Care".
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Wilmington, DE ( November 14, 2012 - This webinar session is about quality in the healthcare setting scenario.
What is the importance of quality to healthcare? Although defined in different ways; quality is at the core of healthcare delivery, because implementing good quality practices and putting adequate and proper quality of patient intervention documentation in place can prevent harm to up to 1.5 million patients in the US. This high number of patient harm is a direct result of lack of quality in healthcare delivery, which can also result in expensive lawsuits.
Quality has many definitions. It has been termed as doing work without errors, doing work consistently on time, doing work without causing waste, speedy delivery of service, compliance with set procedures, doing it right the first time and every time afterward, and making customers happy. No matter which of these we choose to suit us; the underlying aspect is care to the patient, which should be at the core of quality healthcare.
Proactive and efficient healthcare administration involves preventing mistakes from anyone in the healthcare loop reaching patients. Just anyone, from nurses and support staff to doctors can make errors, but the healthcare provider has to make sure that they do not happen. Hospitals are required to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements that meet high quality criteria. These requirements and processes are meant for people in the entire chain.
This webinar covers the structure, process, and outcome requirements in keeping pace with the changes and covers the methods that can be used to measure quality. It is suitable for the beginner and intermediate level nurses, but the entire staff including nursing supervisors and managers can benefit from some innovative approaches. For those embarking on quality projects, it is also an ideal introduction to achieving high quality at lower costs. It covers the following areas:
o Quality assurance process
o System Model
o ANA Quality Assurance Model
o Factors affecting quality assurance in nursing care
o Controlling situations instead of situations controlling you
o Internal audit as a tool for quality assurance
When: December 11, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
By whom:
Dev Raheja, MS, CSP: Dev is a well-known expert on hospital safety. During the 25 years that he has worked as a risk management and quality assurance consultant, he has offered hospital stakeholders systematic ways by which to impart safer care.
He has written more than 20 articles on healthcare quality and safety and is the author of Safer Hospital Care: Strategies for Continuous Innovation.
For whom:
The webinar will benefit
o Nurses
o Nursing Assistants
o Nursing Supervisors
o Nursing Managers
o Risk Managers
o Quality Assurance Staff
o Patient Safety Staff
Duration: 60 minutes
To enroll for this webinar, contact
Ph: 800-385-1607

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