Results Performance Training Increases Service Offerings and Location Coverage in Virginia

There are serious benefits of group training as well. It teaches one rhythm, discipline and team work.
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Ny, NY ( April 9, 2011 - April 10th, 2011

Williamsburg, VA - 23185,

Results Performance Training, a Williamsburg, VA based result oriented fitness, health and performance training services provider, announced today that they have increased the depth and breadth of their service offerings as well as location coverage in Virginia. . The move came as a response to an encouraging uptick in enrollment numbers for all our fitness, health and performance training products over the last few quarters. At Results Performance Training, we understand and execute the step-by-step flawless procedures to deliver the most effective fitness training to a person of any age. As an organization, we are committed to to creating and spreading awareness for maintaining good health and performance

Results Performance Training offers you personalized fitness training programs such as fitness boot camps, fat loss programs, Weight loss programs and even athletic performance improvement programs. There are personal trainers who you can even individually work with to get maximum personal training benefits. The centre aims at helping Williamsburg look and feel great. The trainer, Detric Smith has delivered improved athletic performance and enhanced confidence of hundreds of people in Virginia alone. Our fitness training styles and methodologies at Results Performance Training are distinctly different from those of other training providers. We offer you free nutrition classes and consultation to improvise your eating habit and make you feel better. We do free assessments of body fat and measurements to show your progress. You are free to call in the personal number of your personal trainer at any time around the clock for answers and supports. The trainers who are working with you are holders of highest level certificates. Our trainers are qualified with Kinesiology Degrees which is on Exercise Science to give you maximum expertise training.

There are serious benefits of group training as well. It teaches one rhythm, discipline and team work. A good and fit healthy state increases your mental and physical strength. Our training motivates you to wake up early in the morning without nagging pain or lethargy. Detric Smith takes personal responsibility to ensure that that his clients no longer need to take unnecessary medication and can walk the earth as more confident persons while and after getting fitness training from him. Our personal training will help you improve your sports performance, strength and conditioning. Our specialized services such as Fat Loss, Weight loss, fitness boot camp, gaining strength and muscle, improving performances are all geared towards improvement from current state no matter where in the curve someone is today. Detric Smith, a highly qualified trainer in Exercise Science, holds a number of degrees from reputed universities. His specialized knowledge over his subject plays an instrumental role for his clients helping them attain their goals in a quick span of time. It is very important to have a proper coach in every aspect of life. A coach can bring discipline in your life which is one of the key elements for success. If you are willing to be really successful in sports, may be a Tiger Woods or a Mike Tyson, then you must have a coach who makes sure that you practice hard in a methodical way. The coach helps you set your goals realistically and shoot for the milestones by which you should achieve your predetermined target. Determining the goal is not only important but also essential to success. A good coach knows how to motivate you. He knows extrinsic motivation needs to be internalized as intrinsic motivation inside the person. Most major changes in a person's life come after some failure or the realization that they are not even close to their potential. Motivation needs to be individualized, and it comes in many forms. The job of the coach is to evaluate the psychological as well as physical state of a person and help him or her move towards success at an optimum pace. We at Results Performance Training are proud to state we do this job as good as anyone or better.

At Results Performance Training we understand that our clients need three things - trust, confidence and results. Our specialized training program is not only result oriented but it is also designed in such a way that the whole training program is an enjoyable experience for our clients. Results Performance Training is located at Williamsburg. For further information please call us at 757-589-7029 or email us at You can also visit our website to learn details about our training centre.


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