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The role of libraries is quite important, especially, in a student's life. The librarians teach within a successful informatics program.
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Mississauga, Canada ( November 7, 2012 - The role of libraries is quite important, especially, in a student's life. The librarians teach within a successful informatics program. Librarians regularly utilize skills that although not technology dependent, are essential to conducting computer-based research. Librarians can teach students to understand research and utilize information beyond specific technologies!

The library-focused skills form a significant part of the curriculum in many educational institutions. Thus librarians play a central role in informatics instruction in a student's academic career. Building an information literate population has integrated information literacy into their secondary lesson syllabus. University students navigate the Internet with exceptional ease, comfort and confidence. Although they are superficial with technology in the sense of finding information, they are not always proficient at recognizing true talent and information. Thus, building an information literate population through problem-based learning experiences is necessitated.

Computer era has generated youth who are considered as technologically savvy or knowledgeable. Thus library provides the nation with information literacy students who form an integral part of population; a country's well-informed critical thinkers who contribute positively to the society in which they live. All the great scholars, philosophers, thinkers and inventors, acquired knowledge through books and not through Internet, as computers were not invented at that time. Bookish learning played an important and crucial role in their lives. They contributed their life-long learning towards the welfare of human beings. Thus, computer versus library books forms a debatable topic. It is said, "Books are man's best companion," so we cannot part ourselves from the uses of books. Library offers a wide range of availability of books on various topics, which must be utilized by everyone. The knowledge which can be gained from books, in a peaceful environment of a comfortable library, is beyond the imagination!

A Library can be termed as "An Ocean of knowledge." The children must be encouraged to visit the nearby library, on a daily basis. It is the most useful asset in a student's life, to immerse them in critical thinking-based experiences, intended to help them become more effective information-seekers, in todays world of Computers and Information Technology.

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