r4i sdhc firmware update to V1.63b

Red R4i team released new R4i V1.63b kernel for r4i sdhc flashcard. The R4i-3DS V1.63b for r4i sdhc 3ds card and the r4i-sdhc V1.63b for r4i sdhc v1.44 card. It fixed 25 new DS games.
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Louisiana, LA (prHWY.com) October 26, 2012 - Many players don't know R4i SDHC before, especially the feature and function. Well the R4i SDHC is a new Red R4i card special designed for Nintendo hostmachine. Like R4 DS card, this red R4i is a game engine to offer games, music, and movies.The latest R4i-SDHC V1.4.1 attracts millions of Nintendo players with high compatibility and low price. It is on hotsale in 2010.
Adding data to the R4i SDHC is quite easy. Link the microSD memory card to your computer, using a microSD memory card reader, download latest software, and in a few minutes you'll be able to send data straight from your PC to the memory card. There are some nice videos showing how it works, on YouTube. Take a look and see the red R4i card at work by yourself.
It is amazing to think Nintendo DSi flattering an eBook reader or a Mp3 player. If you don't have this wonderful red r4i card, you can follow our R4i-SDHC online category for shopping online.

R4i SDHC kernel update to V1.63b on Oct 17th
Red R4i team released new R4i V1.63b kernel for r4i sdhc flashcard. The R4i-3DS V1.63b for r4i sdhc 3ds card and the r4i-sdhc V1.63b for r4i sdhc v1.44 card. It fixed 25 new DS games. Users can install the latest kernel to play more games, and make your r4i sdhc card to be more powerful.

R4i SDHC V1.63b update content
1. Support Nintendo 3DS V4.4.0 and DSi V1.4.4 system.
2. Fixed below 25 new games.
6109 - Pokemon - Version Noire 2 (FR)
6108 - Pokemon - Version Blanche 2 (FR)
6096 - Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (EU)
3948 - Neighbours From Hell(EU)
XXXX - Pokemon - White Edition 2 (GE)
XXXX - Pokemon - Versione Bianca 2 (IT)
XXXX - Pokemon - White Version 2 (US)
XXXX - Pokemon - Edicion Blanca 2 (SP)
XXXX - Pokemon - Schwarze Edition 2 (GE)
XXXX - Pokemon - Versione Nera 2 (IT)
XXXX - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (US)
XXXX - Pokemon - Edicion Negra 2 (SP)
6087 - Learn with Pokampeacutemon Typing Adventure (EUR)
XXXX- The Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns Again (EU)
5832 - Cars 2 (EU)
XXXX - Pokemon Conquest (EU)
6045 - Pocket Monsters White 2 (JP)
6044 - Pocket Monsters Black 2 (JP)
6041 - Pokemon Conquest (US)
5830 - Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns (US)
5546 - Mario vs. Donkey Kong : Mini-Land Mayhem! (EU)
5408 - Touchmaster 4 : Connect (EU)
5396 - Phineas and Ferb: Ride Again (EU)
5395 - Imagine: Fashion Paradise (EU)
5394 - Camp Rock: The Final Jam (EU)

How to update r4i sdhc kernel?
Usually, if you already install the r4i sdhc kernel old version, such as V1.62b, it is no need to update the kernel. you can still use the r4i sdhc card to work. But if your want to play more games, it is necessary for you to do it.

1.The latest r4i sdhc v1.63b kernel can be download from official website or our download page. Find the download link, and click it, then start to download.
2. After download, Unzip the patch into 4 files: "moonmemo", "moonshl2", "R4iMenu" and "r4.dat".
3. Copy all the 4 files to the root directory of the MicroSDHC card, old files will be covered automatically.
4. Insert the MicroSD card to R4i SDHC 3DS card, and put r4 card to 3DS/Dsi/DS console, power on.
Then the kernel in the MicroSD card is already R4i SDHC V63b now.
5. you can keep the game files in the SD card, no need to change them.


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