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The flow is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid and thus the electromagnetic flow meters measure the velocity of the flowing media which in turn is directly proportional to the flow.
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Lewisville, Sweden (prHWY.com) October 23, 2012 - Wallox.se - Here you will find a very wide range of flow meters, level gauges, level switches. You will find everything from flow meters (flödesmätare) and controllers for level switches (nivåvakt) and signal converters. We have the latest for both the professional industry as well as to small businesses!

Are you unsure of flow meters, level switch that suits your needs?

Do not worry!

We'll help you find your way among all of our flow meters, level meters (nivåmätare), level switches.

You can also contact us and we promise to help you customize the perfect solution for your needs. How do I link the two? What devices fit with the brand? Do we need any special software? Who guards or flow Monitors (flödesvakter) work in my particular environment? The questions can be many and fortunately, we are experts in this particular and promises to help you!

On our website and our product page you will find all of our products and a brief specification description. Our flow meters, level gauges, level switches are available in many varieties to suit your business - regardless of size or use. With our unique knowledge of the industry, we ensure that you secure your needs in the best and cheapest way!

If you are still unsure, please contact our customer services and we promise to help you with choosing the right!

If our flow meters, level gauges, level switches and accessories ..

Eg , all our flow meter comes specific for only air or water / oil. Our flow switches have the same operating environments and is both reliable and has a very high accuracy even at low flows, even at very high pressure. A feature of this good quality is that you do not get any influence or pressure drop in the pipes!

We also offer highly qualitative level gauges both submersible and inskruvningsbara. These level gauges have many security solutions and can be almost completely customized depending on the needs. Our level gauge guarantees not only for safety but also for very high quality in both accuracy as well as longevity!

You can find more information about our flow meters, level gauges, level switches here.

We can also offer you something as comfortable as non-contact level measurement (nivåmätning). Our ultrasonic sensor is equipped to handle both level measurement, distance measurement and also the volume measurement.

You will find a description of all the practical and qualitative level gauge here.

Our level switches are completely in a class by itself. Whatever your needs, we have anything that may be for you to succeed. Our level switch for top or bottom mounting is not only a duty construction for tough environments but is very compact and protection rated to IP 68! Environments with high temperature, high pressure and corrosive liquids are no barriers to our level indicators. They are both durable and have a very high reliability and that is unaffected by power failure.

A highly qualitative range of flow meters, level switch!

Only with us you will find everything you need to measure, monitor and leakage alarms. We have a large selection of the best products on the market. This ensures high quality and reliability is a given of each professional company!

We are constantly expanding our range with new portable flow meter (portabel flödesmätare), level gauges, level switches. We are also in place around Sweden at fairs. To see the latest updates, so check under "News" on the front page!

All of our flow meters, level gauges, level switches are delivered to your door - secure, fast and safe!

We use only the best of the delivery couriers to ensure a fast and safe delivery.

We are here for you! If you have questions or concerns about what is required for a functioning system? Do not hesitate to contact us for help. We can now offer our clients intelligent indicators also advanced controllers that makes everything very easy for you!

Best of all - flow meters, level gauges, level switches can be customized for your specific needs!

All that remains is for you to contact us and let us help you become the best...

Name: Kent Almstrand
Email: kent@wallox.se
Phone no: 040 152525
Fax no: 040 151472
Website: http://www.wallox.se/


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