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Maid Madness has a reputation of very thorough cleaning for your home and home office that will combat germs in all their hiding places as a first line of defense against sickness.
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Fortworth, TX ( October 23, 2012 - Maid Madness has a reputation of very thorough cleaning for your home and home office that will combat germs in all their hiding places as a first line of defense against sickness.

October 23, 2012 - Fort Worth, TX - It is a proven fact that if germs in our environments are reduced, then so is the sickness that those germs can cause. Maid Madness and the services that they offer will help you combat germs, thereby reducing sickness for you and your family. The offerings that are available at are for both future and immediate use, so they can easily become your first line of defense against sickness. Click4corp assisted with a very user-friendly site and coupon options. Saving money and reducing the possibility of catching the latest virus is an opportunity that should not be passed over.

Germs come in three forms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. All three can be found and thrive on surfaces such as countertops, desks, doorknobs, and cabinet handles. Bacteria and fungi can grow on their own without the need for a host, so it is very beneficial to have a cleaning service that will not only rid the surfaces of the germs originally, but also maintain that cleanliness with regular cleanings to prevent new growth of fungi, such as mold and mildew, and bacteria, such as salmonella. Since many surfaces in both your bathroom and kitchen are primary areas for the growth of germs, Maid Madness concentrates extra cleaning efforts in these areas in order to combat the aforementioned nastiness.

Viruses, the most difficult to combat of the daily germs we encounter, are also no match for Maid Madness and their complete cleaning services. The flu virus can live for up to two days on surfaces and then be transferred to a host--either you or a family member--before the sickness is detected. Deep cleaning and disinfecting is crucial in fighting off viruses on all surfaces of your home or home office, so having Maid Madness on your schedule for weekly or bi-weekly top to bottom cleaning will be a stepping stone in the overall good health of yourself and your family.

Doctor's visits and the expense of over the counter cold remedies will also decrease with the addition of comprehensive and detailed cleaning of the most common areas where germs live and breed. Maid Madness makes their services affordable and is dependable, so via the offered coupons and referrals your family will be happier, healthier and spending less money and effort to remain that way. Disinfecting is very important but also very difficult for today's busy families to keep up with. Maid Madness has the expertise, time, and products to simplify another aspect of your busy life; all you have to do is contact them. The addition of Maid Madness makes for a win-win situation overall.

About Maid Madness: Maid Madness is a residential cleaning service based in the Fort Worth, Texas area. They offer deep cleaning, touch up cleaning, and move-in or move-out services. There is no contract, so you determine when and how often their cleaning services are suitable. Coupons and referral options are available for new and returning customers. For over 10 years, Maid Madness has been a premier cleaning service for homes and home offices in the Fort Worth and surrounding area.

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